Monday, November 28, 2011

River Birch Beautys: Curtain Rods For Every Season


Ahh, the joy of having great neighbors is one of the many perks of living in our fun neighborhood. The people who shop our merchants, eat at our restaurants and live in our 'hood are what make living in Dilworth sort of like living in a small town. We see each other at the grocery store, the pharmacy (what up Dilworth Drug!) and just about every other place one could imagine.

Every time I tell people which house is ours (and I really mean it) it is always followed with "of course, next to the Teeds!" Karen Teed, is the co-founder and Creative Director for Something Classic Catering in Charlotte. Karen and her business partner Jill Marcus's most recent claims to fame are the wildly successful restaurants Halycon: Flavors From The Earth and vegetarian restaurant Fern: Flavors From The Garden.

Last weekend I wondered over to her house to discover she was hanging these amazing River Birch limbs as curtain rods. They look designer, were totally affordable and are the perfect supports to her new oatmeal linen curtains and gray chaise lounge.

See below for more pictures of her sunroom:



Just in case you were sweating the funky chandelier, the "jump right in comfy" gray chaise or the divine linen curtains, they can all be found at our local IKEA. Creative Director. . . .Oh yeah!

To learn more about Something Classic go to

To learn more about Halycon: Flavors of the Earth go to

To learn more about Fern: Flavors from the Garden go to

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