Friday, January 27, 2012

The Proof is in the Angel

Not a day goes by that I do not worry that I have not done a good job in the mommy department. Good enough I always think to myself as I wonder who brushed Coopers teeth last?  Was it Sadie that had a bath yesterday or was it the other way around?  My good friends say that I am too hard on myself, that I short change the work that I do. But I am sceptical that they just love the "mommy" that they see, not the "mommy" that struggles with structure and discipline and well, with  most everything else.

Try not to judge me when I tell you that I am not a "natural" mother . By this I mean that I am not a "nurse," a "cook" or even a "sympathizer." I am a "fend for yourself" and "get your butt of the floor" kind of person who expects a lot, probably too much from my family. Sadly, I expect that much from myself as well.

Bring on my oldest little love,  Sadie Bug. A highly explosive, little ball of strong-willed, smart as a whip, energy that swirls and skips and mostly flips her way around our house. A constant work in progress, I would say. She wants me to have five baby's and is mad at me that we only gave her Cooper. I tell her that I can not wait to be the grandmother to her many grandbabys, but that we are a complete family and we leave it at that. She mothers everyone else's baby's as if they were her own.

On the morning of our church's recent epiphany pageant, Sadie (an angel) ran exhuberantly through the house declaring that "we were going to be late for HER pageant."  No recognition of a little baby named Jesus, nope this was her party. Later as all of the angels were dressed and lined up in the hallway, it was brought to my attention that Mary did not have angel wings and was refusing to leave the dressing room. After realizing that the Virgin Mary was were she was supposed be, I went down to the choir room to discover a very tiny little girl huddled in the corner, crying. Her name was Mary and as her warm, wet, salty tears hit my shoulder, she sobbed that she couldn't be an angel without wings. There were no more wings in the dressing room, they had all been handed out. As I carried her upstairs, I knew that we were going to ask Sadie for her wings and I knew that she would happily give them to this sweet little girl. I knew that my little one was so full of self-confidence that she didn't care what she wore and I was right. I had barely explained Mary's tears when Sadie reached behind her costume and produced her own wings.

That day Sadie went onstage with only a halo. She was gracious and kind and I cried for two days with joy. She is a wonderful, sweet, kind and occasionally an extremely feisty little girl, who is one day going to take this crazy world by the horns and do something really great. All our little one's are great, we just have to take a moment to see it sometimes and then tell them that they are great and then they will be.



Thursday, January 26, 2012

Spotted at Classic Attic

Green Mid-Century ceramic lamp $60 at Classic Attic behind Park Rd shopping center in Charlotte


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lavender Fields Forever

a field of lavendar..sigh! Gorgeous

The dreary days of January have left me more than just a wee bit bored of the gray sky's and daily mistings that have defined Charlotte for the last month. While I truly love fall for it's refreshing crispness, I am less than fond of our southern, mucky, humdrum winters.  How many more weeks until Spring?

My favorite "designer voice" will not stop talking up her new favorite color lavender, and I have to admit I can not blame her. At home sick for last week, I have been endlessly searching for lavender inspirations and pretty little things to cheer myself up. These pic's seem to have done the trick! Hope they have the same effect on you.

living rooms - glam lavender mirror living tufted grey walls panels drapes violet chair sofa  Glam living room  Grey walls, lavender upholstery,

Love the gray walls and lavender upholstery, brass accents and floating mirrored glass table. So Hollywood.

love the painting

 Lavender couch+ brass lamps+ modern art=well done!

Lavendar accents with muted grey. love.

So soft and modern.

coral and lavendar

Coral Dining room with Lavender accents and upholstery.

PS-I love a formal chandelier in a soft dining area!

green table lavender green

Mid Century Design Heaven.

Lavendar Tea...yummo!!

Spring and Summer will be here soon!

May the sun come out soon, may the flowers bloom and may we all take off our shoes, walk in the fields and drink lavender tea.



Images from pinterest and

Monday, January 23, 2012

RX: Pinterest (For the Picture Reel in My Head)


Being creative isn't always easy. . . .half the time I can barely organize my thoughts into complete sentences. It's like all these pictures are on a film reel in my head. Flash, snap, boing and occasionally if I am lucky enough they cruise by long enough for me to form a complete thought or to finish project!  Truthfully though, most of the time I am just grateful to be able to put cohesive, descriptive sentences together. That is why I love blogging, I can write a blog, move sentences around,  go back and edit it like 5 times and then send it out to you. . .you get it right?

When it comes to the pictures, the reels vary,  but are mostly based on my interest in the subject at hand.Some reels are longer and more complex, others are just blips on my radar! Ie: I've got very little for you when it comes to most political subjects and the economy. I mean, dont get me wrong, I GET IT!!! But seriously, would you want violent and depressing images constantly going through your brain??

Meet my new best friend, Pinterest! It was developed by Cold Brew Labs (LOVE THE NAME) and is considered to be a Social Networking site. Pinterest catalogues all your favorite finds, THE PICTURE KIND, and allows you to create boards and pins. WHAT? Ok, for you left-brained people (are there any of you reading this blog:) Boards are like the files you would create on your computer to hold important things like legal briefs and financial statements. My Boards are things like Inspired Spaces, Master Bathroom Dreams and Fall 2011 Fashion. Then the fun part, PINNING!!! As you see images that you are inspired by, like Marc Jacobs Jeans and ankle booties, fabric curtains you can't live without or even DIY Craft projects you are going to do sometime in the next decade,  you can grab them from that other reel. . .the internet and pin them to the corresponding board. . . My thoughts outside of my brain??? Best invention ever.

Follow your friends, favorite bloggers or just keep all your thoughts for yourself! Like their ideas, repin them onto your board and thank them for it on your post. You can even follow me if you like. . .

Check it out at



The above image was repined by me, this morning, from one of my favorite bloggers and interior designers Amber! I actually think she might have repinned it from someone else! Don't you just love this game?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Inspiring Master Bedrooms

bedrooms - upholstered headboard striped rug lantern lamps gray walls  French bedroom  striped rug, headboard, lamps, vertical botanical art

While dreaming up designs for other's can be so fun, often I get really stuck when it comes to my own personal space. Our marriage-space-integration is still mid project and I am suffering from a huge case of creative brain freeze!  When it comes to our master bedroom, trying to reinvent space without "reinventing the wheel" has proven to be quite the challenge.

Since I posted about finding my fun painted dresser, I have added a huge grey painted mirror to the fireplace, a massive light mustard chevron cornice board to the double windows and an antique brass dressing mirror to the dresser. Just yesterday I am pretty sure I found a pair of silk gray curtains, but just can not decide if they are too formal for the room. I am still searching hard for lighting solutions and trying to avoid buying two new bedside tables. . . which I am pretty sure I need but don't want to purchase.

This morning while reading my daily's I found these inspiring master bedroom images on DecorPad. What do you think:

bedrooms - paint bed lighting rug blue walls  Vanessa De Vargas Turquoise LA

I love how cozy this bedroom feels! The curtains are hung perfectly high and layered with bamboo shades. The texture here is divine.

bedrooms - white slipcovered headboard white lamp Missoni pillows flokati rug  The World According to Jessica Claire Style at Home  Chic bedroom

This room is AWESOME! Although design wise, not relevant to our bedroom. . .if I ever found a (insert cheap) Hermes blanket anywhere in the world, even used to shreds, I would take it home and redecorate all around it.  *Oh and the print of the light fixture is so fresh.

bedrooms - gray walls white black cowhide round ottomans  Room & Board Design Team Emily J. Followill Photography Atlanta Home Mag  Modern bedroom

From Room and Board's Design Team! Everything I have been reading says that the bedroom is the one place for lighting symmetry. This gives me hope that if I never find that, I could still make our bedroom work!

bedrooms - caramel leather tufted bench white slipcovered headboard bed crisp white ruffled bedding tan walls mirrored nightstand mismatched nightstands

Mismatched bedside tables and lamps, probably the end of my story the way this search has been going. And guess what, It still looks awesome! Also on my list, is to BEG Scotty to let me get rid of our ceiling fan. I want a pretty chandelier in our bedroom so badly. . . .someday maybe!

bedrooms - lilac purple wingback bed purple flower pillow gray bedding gold leaf mirrored nightstands ivory round tufted skirted storage ottoman purple curtains lilac purple roman shades fold lamps art

Putty Walls and layered curtains are beyond grand and mirrored side tables just might work in our space. Plus I love the round ottoman at the end of the bed, instead of the expected bench.

Thanks for listening to my dreary, rainy morning design musings. Off to lay on the couch and watch Elmo with Cooper. . .priceless moments!



Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Daily's: 2012 Blogie Awards

Every morning after the kids have gone to school, I open up my computer with a certain anticipation; Wondering which of my favorite bloggers have updated their posts and what the topics of the day will be. My Dailys are a small magazine's worth of daily reads that inspire my life in many different areas. Most of them are focused around fashion and interiors but some of my others might surprise you. In support of your favorite bloggers, why not show your support support for them in this years Blogie Awards!

In case you need inspirtation here are my nominations:

Best Canadian Blog: Byou and Boheme

Best Fashion Blog: Atlantic-Pacific

Best Australian Webblog:

Best Spirituality Webblog:

Best Family Webblog:

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Charlotte Rocks House Beautiful: February Edition


So it's Saturday late afternoon and I am baking a cake. Say what? Oh yeah, chilling to Pandora's Jack Johnson radio and dreaming of my outfit for tonight. Not a interiors thought on my mind. Scotty just dropped the mail on the dining room table and I noticed an awesome POP of yellow. The kitchen on the cover of this months House Beautiful is ridiculous and of course probably from some super cool LA home or an other unobtainable abode in a land far away.

Not just interested because of the amazing kitchen, I stop perusing the magazine to actually read the article when I see "1940's house" in the first paragraph. I am always wondering how cool people make old bungalows look fresh and new and not old and stuffy. There it is, Charlotte, NC. . .the ninth word down on the first page. Whoop, Whoop. . . .Sweet Home Charlotte. Page 58 with the title JAZZ IT UP.

I am dying over the white-painted table and the bubble glass chandelier. Modern and Traditional mixed perfectly! Also love the change of fabric on the backs of the chairs.

I love the bright yellow table mixed with the vintage "florida" stool and the gray and yellow patterned valances and roman shades. The stools are apparently old tables but whatevvs. . .I love! FYI: She used the same fabric on the bench and ran it horizontally!

The red and white bedroom is patriotic, fresh and perfect! The greek key on the shades and the gold chandelier make it feel so modern. So inviting I wish I was Goldilocks.

Want more? Go to to check it out for yourself!



Oh and my friend Kathy just told me the whole world got this edition two weeks ago and I am so sad. Why do those of us with subscriptions get it last???

Friday, January 6, 2012

To Cool Not To Share

Today's affordable finds from Slate Interiors:

Mid-Century Lamp with shade $65 at Slate Interiors in Charlotte!




Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It's Been Way Too Long

I am feeling a bit guilty about my lack of blogging over the last several weeks. All that Elf work kept me busy straight through Christmas. Then last week this new little precious joy STOLE my heart! Meet my new nephew Charlie Joseph Marks, born last Thursday December 29th.

Ooh, the littlest love he is!!!


Promise to get back to work sometime this week.