Monday, January 23, 2012

RX: Pinterest (For the Picture Reel in My Head)


Being creative isn't always easy. . . .half the time I can barely organize my thoughts into complete sentences. It's like all these pictures are on a film reel in my head. Flash, snap, boing and occasionally if I am lucky enough they cruise by long enough for me to form a complete thought or to finish project!  Truthfully though, most of the time I am just grateful to be able to put cohesive, descriptive sentences together. That is why I love blogging, I can write a blog, move sentences around,  go back and edit it like 5 times and then send it out to you. . .you get it right?

When it comes to the pictures, the reels vary,  but are mostly based on my interest in the subject at hand.Some reels are longer and more complex, others are just blips on my radar! Ie: I've got very little for you when it comes to most political subjects and the economy. I mean, dont get me wrong, I GET IT!!! But seriously, would you want violent and depressing images constantly going through your brain??

Meet my new best friend, Pinterest! It was developed by Cold Brew Labs (LOVE THE NAME) and is considered to be a Social Networking site. Pinterest catalogues all your favorite finds, THE PICTURE KIND, and allows you to create boards and pins. WHAT? Ok, for you left-brained people (are there any of you reading this blog:) Boards are like the files you would create on your computer to hold important things like legal briefs and financial statements. My Boards are things like Inspired Spaces, Master Bathroom Dreams and Fall 2011 Fashion. Then the fun part, PINNING!!! As you see images that you are inspired by, like Marc Jacobs Jeans and ankle booties, fabric curtains you can't live without or even DIY Craft projects you are going to do sometime in the next decade,  you can grab them from that other reel. . .the internet and pin them to the corresponding board. . . My thoughts outside of my brain??? Best invention ever.

Follow your friends, favorite bloggers or just keep all your thoughts for yourself! Like their ideas, repin them onto your board and thank them for it on your post. You can even follow me if you like. . .

Check it out at



The above image was repined by me, this morning, from one of my favorite bloggers and interior designers Amber! I actually think she might have repinned it from someone else! Don't you just love this game?

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