Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ridiculously Fun Finds @ Cotswald Marketplace

Ridiculously Cute Owl: On Sale $34


Ridiculously Cool Greek Key Lucite Console Table:  $1500


Ridiculously Awesome Quick Fix to Update to my  7 Year Old Buffet Lamps. Cool New Lamp Shades: $35 each


All in all, a fun day!



Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dont FORGET to Enter: Stylish Furniture & Decor Giveaway

Beautiful swan chair

Dont forget to enter Stylish Furniture & Decor's "Siren Chair" giveaway!  Entries must be received by May 31st and the winner will be announced June 1st!

swan chair

*images above from pinterest!

The Siren Chair is based on the iconic 1958 Swan chair Arne Jacobsen and is the perfect modern touch to just about any room in the house.

Siren Chair

This EXACT chair from Stylish Furniture & Decor was used on an upcoming episode of HGTV's High Low Project.

Read about The High Low Project here:

To Win this EXACT Chair, You MUST:

-Follow Stylish Furniture and Decor Blog

click here:

-Like Stylish Furniture & Decor on Facebook

click here:

- You MUST leave me a comment on my blog and tell me how you would use the siren chair.

Dont Forget:

-Entries must be received between 9am on May 21st and 6pm on May 31st.

-The winner will be chosen randomly and announced June 1st.

-The chair will be shipped free of charge within the continental United States.

Good Luck!!!



Friday, May 25, 2012

Made in the Shade

Love the Grey and Green

Replacing old lamp shades is an easy and affordable way to refresh an old lamp and update a room.  In the room shown above, check out the modern,  large, white barrel drum shades on the traditional brass floor lamps. The tall shades add height and make the lamps appear to pop off of the seagrass wallpaper.

I recently scored this beautiful vintage leucite lamp at Slate Interiors for under $100. The only problem being that it was missing its  shade. Knowing full well I had to have it, I gambled on the fact that I could find one! Hours of internet searching lead me to The name is not a joke,  they really might have every lamp shade under the sun!

*My New Lamp

Here are a couple of my favorites for everyone to enjoy:

Floral Silhouette Giclee Drum Shade 13.5x13.5x10 (Spider)

Floral Blue Silhouette Giclee Drum Shade 13.5x13.5x10 (Spider)The perfect way to add an organic element to an otherwise neutral geometric room. In spa colors and in orange and blue! $74

Gold Drops Canvas Drum Shade 14X14X10 (Spider)


Duck cotton and gold drops make this one my must have piece.$62.99

Stacy Garcia Porthole Giclee Shade 13.5x13.5x10 (Spider)

The perfect addition to a cream porcelain gourd shaped lamp or a glass or leucite lamp. Even more fun, score a flea market find and spray it a fun color and justify spending the money on the shade! $74

Woven Reed Giclee Shade 13.5x13.5x10 (Spider)

Add a refined natural texture to a room without the expense of buying a seagrass rug. This would go with almost any lamp in almost any room. $74.99

Stacy Garcia Circle Medallion Giclee Shade 12x12x8.5 (Spider)

Add a punch of color and some fun to a room with this barrel shade! $64.99

Embroidered Hourglass Lamp Shade 14x14x11 (Spider)

Hollywood Regency shines in the lamp shade. $43.99

Lights Up! Red Mumm Shade 14x16x11 (Spider)

Ok, maybe not so affordable but ever so cool. This eco friendly shade come in at $124.99

Lights Up! Black Mumm Shade 14x16x11 (Spider)

And in Black!

Ivory Linen Drum Cylinder Shade 8x8x11 (Spider) As for my new lamp delimma, this shade in a bigger size might be the perfect option! I love organic texture with the mid-century barrel vibe.

White Cotton Drum Cylinder Shade 8x8x11 (Spider)

Or I may just stick with a clean white. . .

Either way, I sure did have fun searching this site!

The shades shown above are mostly available at different sizes and at different prices. Take a look for yourself!



Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cake it Your Way


April was busy and not just because I get spring fever like it's no body's business. . .it was busy because it was Scotty's 50th birthday! Instead of going away for a long weekend at a luxurious resort, we decided to throw one killer party and invite all of our friends. It was a party to remember and he had the best time of his life. Seriously, next to our small wedding, this party was twice the size and almost as much fun. Besides the amazing band( Strange Brew) and our killer friends, the best part was the divine cake by Cindy Kerns, owner of Cake it Your Way.

If it was not for my dear friend Bailee, I would have bought the chemical filled Costco cake that is Scotty's favorite. Sweet Bailee kept reminding me to "call her cake lady" and so I finally did, if not only so that I could say that I did.  After one or two email exchanges, we finally had a chance to chat on the phone. I told her all about our family, Scotty's fence business and our love of all things tropical. I also asked her to make this darn cake taste like the one from Costco. . .well I AM NOT KIDDING the cake was the best thing any of us have ever put in our mouths! Noteworthy is how affordable her cakes are, the cake above was $50!! Now how about that!!

For once in my life I listened to someone else,  and I am so insanely happy that I did,   because her cake made the evening even more special than it already was. So I am sharing this with you, my favorite blog readers, because I know that you will love me for it later!!

Check out her website at to see why on earth I am carrying on like this!!



Here are some of my favorites from her website:

Lacy Butterflies

Bandana Cowboy Cake

Monkey cake

Purple and Lime Green Birthday Cake

Monday, May 21, 2012

Stylish Furniture & Decor Giveaway: Win a piece of design history!

If you follow my blog, then you already know that I adore  interior designer and online proprietor Annabelle Petriella. Specializing in furniture based on iconic design,  Stylish Furniture and Design is my go to place for all things stylish and modern.

The chair from above

Siren Chair

Is right here!

Based on the iconic 1958 Arne Jacobsen Swan Chair, Stylish Furniture & Decor's "Siren Chair" delivers at an  exceptional price.  Recently featured on HGTV's High- Low Project (airing in the fall), the exact chair used in the taping will be given away June 1st.

Made of faux black leather with an adjustable swivel base and plush wrapped arms, this chair would be the perfect addition to a killer home office!


All you have to do is:

-Follow Stylish Furniture and Decor Blog

click here:

-Like Stylish Furniture & Decor on Facebook

click here:

- You MUST leave me a comment on my blog and tell me how you would use the siren chair.

Dont Forget:

-Entries must be received between 9am on May 21st and 6pm on May 31st.

-The winner will be chosen randomly and announced June 1st.

-The chair will be shipped free of charge within the continental United States.

Good luck!


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Misadventures of Cate


Meet our furry family member,  7 year old Basset Hound, Cate Mills Presson. Poor little things has a hard life these days. From the South Carolina farm were she was born to the streets of Dilworth, this dog is manicured, pedicured and bathed more often than I am.

The first time Scotty laid eyes on her he declared her his little baby. Somehow in the midst of trying to establish boundaries, we taught Cate to only come inside when we closed the door, to pee on Scotty's man couch, to chew up everything in sight, to eat only my shoes, to suck the baby's socks clear off their feet, and to stalk my birds like a cat. A bit stubborn maybe, but a job well done we think.

One of my favorite children's books is The Diary of a Wombat. The funny little tale follows a rascally wombat, who only wants to be close to his humans. I picked up the book in South Australia, but as my luck would have it, it can be found here on Amazon.

Because I obviously had nothing better to do, I decided to give my children the day off, and followed our rascally  Basset Hound  around with my iPhone.



Sometime around 7:30am.

Been here since breakfast and not even thinking about moving.



Thought about it, but decided against it.


1:00 pm

What on earth did I do to deserve being caged in the back yard? This place is for the squirrels.


Sometime around 2:00 pm

Once again I protected my family from the neighbors. I am a super hero.


3:00 pm

The UPS guy  stalked me all the way to the bus stop.


Faced my fears and showed him whose boss.

*Not so tough when she's not standing on the chairs, but not a total wuss either. Score one for the UPS guy. He made it out alive.


The reason I got out of bed in the first place is finally home again!


Sometime around Dinner and back in the bed.

It's about time fool. . .feed me now or I will eat everything you own and leave a present for you in the morning.


9:00 pm

You didn't think this blockade would stop me from rubbing my fur and drool all over your silk curtains did you?


Somehow managed to make myself the size of a teacup poodle and make my way back to my side of the bed. Knocked over some of the baby's stuff and made a pillow. I am so smart.


7:30am This Morning

 Not to wot worry, I will keep this house safe and sound until the public schools uncage you. . .


8:00 am This Morning

Why am I out here again? Why is my bed out here? This is not good. Not good at all.

Love Dog Plaque



Sunday, May 13, 2012

Raleigh Designer Jamie Meares Takes Center Stage: Lonny Magazine May 2012

This months Lonny Magazine

Keila Marino (left) and Jamie Meares (right)

Jamie shown above with associate Keila Marino

i suwannee

One of my daily blog loves, Jamie Maeare's gets the attention that she deserves in the highly coveted online Lonny Magazine. Jamie is a Raleigh, North Carolina interior designer, owner of Furbish Interiors and author of blog fan favorite, iSuwannnee. North Carolina in the news for something awesome. . . We deserve it don't you think?

So many southern homes host the traditional glassed in sun room, including mine. After 4 years, our's still stands as it did right after we finished construction. Our "safe" bland walls and beige furniture only add to my lack of creativity when it comes to my own space. Jamie added warmth through multiple layers and made a space that can be so darn challenging, seem achievable.

Osbourne & Little's Coronata Star wallpaper adorns the ceiling and makes for sweet dreams for baby! Grasscloth wallpaper add's a feeling of coziness and makes me want to fall fast asleep. The modern crib is the perfect complement to other eclectic pieces in the room.

Traditional Curtains and pillows are balanced with a neutral color palate, the Moroccan rug and animal print ottoman.

This is my dream room. The oversized chandelier (from Oly Studios) hung directly over the coffee table , creates the perfect focal point for the living room.

If you don't already subscribe to Jamie's blog, go to and see what she is up too whenever you wish!


Happy Mothers Day to all you mommy's out there!