Friday, May 25, 2012

Made in the Shade

Love the Grey and Green

Replacing old lamp shades is an easy and affordable way to refresh an old lamp and update a room.  In the room shown above, check out the modern,  large, white barrel drum shades on the traditional brass floor lamps. The tall shades add height and make the lamps appear to pop off of the seagrass wallpaper.

I recently scored this beautiful vintage leucite lamp at Slate Interiors for under $100. The only problem being that it was missing its  shade. Knowing full well I had to have it, I gambled on the fact that I could find one! Hours of internet searching lead me to The name is not a joke,  they really might have every lamp shade under the sun!

*My New Lamp

Here are a couple of my favorites for everyone to enjoy:

Floral Silhouette Giclee Drum Shade 13.5x13.5x10 (Spider)

Floral Blue Silhouette Giclee Drum Shade 13.5x13.5x10 (Spider)The perfect way to add an organic element to an otherwise neutral geometric room. In spa colors and in orange and blue! $74

Gold Drops Canvas Drum Shade 14X14X10 (Spider)


Duck cotton and gold drops make this one my must have piece.$62.99

Stacy Garcia Porthole Giclee Shade 13.5x13.5x10 (Spider)

The perfect addition to a cream porcelain gourd shaped lamp or a glass or leucite lamp. Even more fun, score a flea market find and spray it a fun color and justify spending the money on the shade! $74

Woven Reed Giclee Shade 13.5x13.5x10 (Spider)

Add a refined natural texture to a room without the expense of buying a seagrass rug. This would go with almost any lamp in almost any room. $74.99

Stacy Garcia Circle Medallion Giclee Shade 12x12x8.5 (Spider)

Add a punch of color and some fun to a room with this barrel shade! $64.99

Embroidered Hourglass Lamp Shade 14x14x11 (Spider)

Hollywood Regency shines in the lamp shade. $43.99

Lights Up! Red Mumm Shade 14x16x11 (Spider)

Ok, maybe not so affordable but ever so cool. This eco friendly shade come in at $124.99

Lights Up! Black Mumm Shade 14x16x11 (Spider)

And in Black!

Ivory Linen Drum Cylinder Shade 8x8x11 (Spider) As for my new lamp delimma, this shade in a bigger size might be the perfect option! I love organic texture with the mid-century barrel vibe.

White Cotton Drum Cylinder Shade 8x8x11 (Spider)

Or I may just stick with a clean white. . .

Either way, I sure did have fun searching this site!

The shades shown above are mostly available at different sizes and at different prices. Take a look for yourself!




  1. Love the lamp and can't wait to see it in action!!!