Saturday, July 13, 2013

Turning A House Into A Home: A Fresh Start

"Hurry up and wait!" The exact phrase mentioned by our realtor at the closing of our new house. Hurry, hurry get the house on the market. Sold, OK wait for due diligence. . .Hurry, hurry, get your loan. . .OK. . .wait. . .underwriting has had it for weeks. . .no, they know nothing new. . . hurry, hurry the movers are coming. . .wait, whats that. . .they will be here today, tomorrow, this afternoon . . . 
wait . . .they are coming at 10pm in a thunderstorm. . . oh and the next truck will be right behind it. . .at 1am! Welcome to the neighborhood!

"Hurry up and wait". . .we'll we waited and guess what? Yes, we will be waiting some more! But this is the good kind of wait. The anticipation of change, the process of renovation, of transforming what I have in my head into our next home.

We started two weeks ago ripping out old PINK tile in the kitchen and sun room and replacing them with new hardwood floors and refinishing the old floors to a satin walnut. They are divine! 

*old pink tile

*New pretty floors!

With all that dust, my favorite painter Tomas could not start painting. That's OK, we are ready to go on Monday and that's the kind of waiting that makes my heart beat just a wee bit faster. The doors are already off of their hinges to be replaced with new hardware and knobs. We discovered the house had been painted in oil, so for future convenience we are going to transition it to acrylic paint. This means poor Tomas has to prime EVERYTHING. . .before he can paint. Oops. 

With a construction loan finally secured. . . "Hurry up and wait" . . .as soon as we can get back on our builders schedule, demo will start on the master bath.

In addition to wood floors the kitchen is getting a modern makeover that will include rerfinished cabinets and hardware, new marble countertops, back splash, sink and cook top. The lighting is going to be my passion, so look out for many more blogs on that. . .

Oh and this fireplace, well it really must go. . .

Moving was hard, it sucked the life out of us. I cant believe it's already the middle of July, I feel jipped. Not to mention, it will not stop raining here in Charlotte. But the sunshine is supposed to return and I look forward to writing again.

Check out the house on Zillow and see for your self the transformation!