Wednesday, March 25, 2015

What Keeps Me Up at Night: Bring Back The Warmth

         Bring Back The Warmth 

Photo Credit to Chris Court

 I know it's spring, but the this color palette is warming me up like the perfect sun tan. I'm talking spun natural linen, chalky whites, buttery leather and chocolate brown mohair. Create color harmony by mixing white walls, and gray accents with luxe brown accents.  

Architectural Legs

 I fell in love with trellis legs a long time ago and I am seriously psyched
 that they are back. I have been waiting on these bad boy bedside tables since last October, and they should be here soon enough.

#labordispute #1stworldproblems #designerdrama

Our Master Bedroom is just like the rest of our house. . .a mix of time periods from past to future. My Dad gave me my Great, Great Grandmother's antique dresser and a few other newer pieces (1920) from my Great Grandmother. To make it all feel fresh and modern, my friend Erin from Chancery Designs, custom designed an amazing double layer, over sized, King Size Headboard. These bad boys are going next to the bed and facing the dresser, adding yes, architectural interest. 

Olive Green Cabinets

 If you haven't been wearing Army Green all year, you have been in a mommy time warp. It actually makes me look like death but you know I'm over it, I've been sleep deprived for 8 years! Good thing the color makes this kitchen. . .well...bitchin.

Source: Mazen Studio via Pinterest

This little beauty popped up on my Pinterest feed and I couldn't resist the urge to love it, pin it and post it. Paired with all my favorites; floating shelves, subway tile, Bostonian Sconces (NOTE: IN BRONZE) it hits all of my designer lust-worthy checklists.

Industrial Doors 

I love what is going on with windows and doors right now, black and urban bronze finishes are getting the spot light in modern doors with bold, clean, grid lines. 

 French Doors

Source: Unknow/Pinterest

Exterior Doors

Source: Elle Decor


Source: Unknown/Pinterest

Scared of the cost but want the look? Check out this DIY blog post by  Blesser House. Wanna start from scratch but looking to stay in budget? I found this deal on Wayfair. Don't quote me on it directly, but it looks like it starts at $347 and ships in 1-2 two weeks. 

Legend Framed Swing Door in Oil Rubbed Bronze