Friday, February 14, 2014

Fabric-a-holic. . .On The Loose!

After months of construction and a hundred hours spent scavenging for hardware, tile samples and pouring over fixtures. . .I am finally getting my fabric fix going again!

While nothing makes my heart beat faster than some bad a$$ lighting and killer hardware, it is fabric that really gets my blood pumping. 

With the backdrop kicking it. . .It's time to tie this whole mess together. I spent Monday sourcing some amazing velvets and linens for the living room.

And came up with this little scenario. . .

1. grayish brown velvet going to recover my (new to me) over sized shelter arm couch.

2. Marbled cream and gray fabric going to crush it as an ottoman.

3. Belgian Linen going on the windows as soft roman shades.

4. Gray linen. . .that is going on a roll arm day bed. . .that is my next big project and I cant wait to tackle it!!!

5. The rug may have to wait, but a girl can dream big right!!

As usual, this project will probably take forever!!! 

Stay Tuned. . . 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sweet Home Charlotte: The Charlotte Magazine BOB Awards

All right, all right. . .I know that by no means am I the "Best Of the Best!" But "gosh darn" some of you think I am. . . .So let's just roll with that for a moment...

Some of my fav's voted for Sweet Home Charlotte, and on the off chance there is another soul inclined to do the same. . . Here it is, the link to the all mighty and powerful Charlotte Magazine BOB Awards!!!!!!!!!

OMG, A class way too high, but what an honor to be nominated by you guys!