Monday, November 28, 2011

River Birch Beautys: Curtain Rods For Every Season


Ahh, the joy of having great neighbors is one of the many perks of living in our fun neighborhood. The people who shop our merchants, eat at our restaurants and live in our 'hood are what make living in Dilworth sort of like living in a small town. We see each other at the grocery store, the pharmacy (what up Dilworth Drug!) and just about every other place one could imagine.

Every time I tell people which house is ours (and I really mean it) it is always followed with "of course, next to the Teeds!" Karen Teed, is the co-founder and Creative Director for Something Classic Catering in Charlotte. Karen and her business partner Jill Marcus's most recent claims to fame are the wildly successful restaurants Halycon: Flavors From The Earth and vegetarian restaurant Fern: Flavors From The Garden.

Last weekend I wondered over to her house to discover she was hanging these amazing River Birch limbs as curtain rods. They look designer, were totally affordable and are the perfect supports to her new oatmeal linen curtains and gray chaise lounge.

See below for more pictures of her sunroom:



Just in case you were sweating the funky chandelier, the "jump right in comfy" gray chaise or the divine linen curtains, they can all be found at our local IKEA. Creative Director. . . .Oh yeah!

To learn more about Something Classic go to

To learn more about Halycon: Flavors of the Earth go to

To learn more about Fern: Flavors from the Garden go to

Sunday, November 27, 2011

What's Old Is New Again: The Return of Brass and Gold

Ahh, Brass and Gold, a glamour girls call of the wild. How we love things that sparkle and shine! Here are just a few of my favorite recent finds. The good news is that a good bottle of gold spray paint can turn almost anything into a diamond in the rough! What you do with it is up to you:)

Etsy: A Vintage Goldmine!

Vintage Italian Tole Candle Holder Gold Gilt Hollywood Regency

The Perfect Center Piece For A Festive Table: Vintage Italian Tole Candle Holder.

Sunburst Starburst Mirror

Small Sunburst Vanity Mirror: Perfect For Any Dresser.

Vintage HOLLYWOOD REGENCY Pierced BRASS Orb Hanging Lamp

Hollywood Regency Chandelier: Perfect for a Minimalist backdrop!

Dwell Studios


This divine piece would solve all of my fireplace mantle issues. . . period.

Layla Grace: Well Currated For Sure

Currey and Company Tartufo Chandelier

One Of My Good Friends Has This Piece. Off Limits For Me ='s Good For You! From Currey & Company.

Worlds Away

World's Away Tess Cocktail Table and Side Table. . .A Girl Can Dream Right?

Etsy: You Knew it Right?

Sideways Wishbone Bracelet in Gold

I wish I may I wish I might. . .

Just in time for the holidays!



Gold Urchin Sculpture, found this afternoon at Slate Interiors on Central Avenue.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Taste Maker: Kathy Wilder Shows Off Her Stellar Home

Meet my friend and Charlotte Taste Maker Kathy Wilder, mother to three adorable little boys and interior designer extraordinaire. The first time I went over to her 1926 Dilworth two-story home,  I knew I was going to be in BIG trouble. (This just might cost poor Scotty a fortune. . .note to the trouble part.)  I really just love/idolize/"want to copy" her entire house.

Obviously I am not alone in my lust for her style, because she just  launched her own interior design business Kathy Wilder Interiors.  I know she is going to have more clients than she can handle. . .so  now the rest of us can benefit from her amazing style.

Last week I stopped by to document the awesomeness of her house. Dont you agree?

You had me at Hello!

Warm and Inviting Entrance.

A Living Room You Want To Live in!

BTW- Kathy Made This Table With a Friends Old Outdoor Table, Some Wood and IKEA Mirrors! Talent? You think!

Her Dining Room Rocks My World!

*Read 70's Vintage Chocolate Velvet Chairs.

The Wall to Ceiling Mural Painting Are Original To The House


It's All in The Details.

Red Chevron. . .enough said.

Hard At Work In The Boy's Room.

I swear she makes everything perfect!

I could go on all day about her house but I don't want to ruin her surprise when she launches her new website soon!  To contact Kathy about her design services email her at or call her at 704-915-1785.

Now I know you are all inspired!



Monday, November 21, 2011

Designer Challenge: Fireplaces Mantles


I have a love / hate relationship with my fireplace mantle's. I love them because they are the perfect backdrop to our old fireplaces; but I struggle with them because the grand space calls for something extraordinaire, not ordinary.

The mantle in our bedroom is giving me fits right now and the mantle in our family room feels pretty stale after 3 years. SEE MY TROUBLED MANTLE BELOW. . .


In search of inspiration I found these.. . .


Mirrors, purple layers, and golden sunburst....I love thee already.


Trefoil Geometric mirrors plus organic curly willow!!!

fireplaceLess can be so much more.


What to do when you have two pieces that aren't quite big enough?

Use them both and vary the heights to fill the spaces.



Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Christmas Time Luxury on a Dime

Best. Present. Ever.

Take home luxury to a new level with Restoration Hardware's 5 pound Chenille Throw! When I first came home with ours years ago, Scotty declared for "$60 bucks you had better be able to wear it!" He now refers to it as his "blankey." Yup, he's a grown man!




Friday, November 11, 2011

Cottage Chic: Holiday Gifts That Wont Break The Bank

Cottage Chic: Holiday Gifts That Wont Break The Bank.

Cottage Chic: Holiday Gifts That Wont Break The Bank

My friend Christy just announced  that Santa is already at the mall. . . .




It's two weeks before Thanksgiving. . .

Repeat after me. . . . I will not go BROKE over Christmas, I will not go BROKE over Hanukkah. . .

So. . . I promise that over the next several weeks (yes we have that many to shop) I will send out LUX presents that your friends and family will die over and that will leave you a little left over for (this never happens) you....

Here are my first two favorites from the best little shop in the world, Cottage Chic. Seriously, If I die before I wake I pray to thelord it's on their sheets! (I pray for more of course but you get my drift.) Cottage Chic is located on East Blvd in Historic Dilworth. Check out for more information and store hours.


From MOR Cosmetics may I introduce my new, absolute favorite perfume in the whole world, Little Luxuries Perfume Oil in Belladonna. The whole line is so divine that I promise your friends will think you spent "too much!" And for around $20 it wont break the bank!
MOR Cosmetics - Little Luxuries Perfume Oil 10ml

What to give your friend/sister who has everything: the gift they didn't know they needed. Check out the Butter London's nail polish in the Full Monty. ( My personal favorite.) The best part is the whole line has no carcinogens and is non toxic, making it the ideal gift for your heath conscious friends and pregnant sister. Pair this "molten" holiday gold with everything from now through Valentines Day. It lasts forever and dry's so fast that I can fumble for my keys minutes later. Oh and it's so classy even your in-laws will approve. Retails around $14.

Happy Holiday's!



Wednesday, November 9, 2011

All that Glitters: Yesterdays Finds from Sleepy Poet Antique Mall

I am addicted to Sleepy Poet Antique Mall! I know it can be crazy in there, so I snapped some pics of my favorite finds under $300. If you like them, you know where to find them!











Sunday, November 6, 2011

Totally Lux: Reids Fine (est) Foods

I had hoped to spend tonight writing a review on Dilworth's new breakfast joint Toast. . . .but after two breakfast's in two days and four trips to the new hotspot, I am holding out hope for a better review. Instead of searching one out, this time I stumbled onto a wonderful reminder of why I love  Charlotte so very much. We never forget where we come from.

Reids Front*The sign is from 1931!

Local favorite and long time establishment, Reid's Fine Foods, had an open house today at its new Selwyn location. When I was in college at Queens,  I would often frequent it's  location in Myers Park on Providence Rd. (It was there LONG before I was in college, specifically  1928 or 31!) The grocery was full of old-time charm and such modern-day inefficiency's like honor charge accounts, delivery service (if I remember correctly)  and rows of above average grocery's, wine, meat and seafood to die for and so much more. Then one day in 1998 they closed and moved uptown to the 7th Street Station location in order to ride the uptown boom. I went there also. Lots of people did, but because of the recession, Reid's Fine Foods has moved again and is back in the neighborhood that it came from, and I could not be more excited.  (To learn all about Reid's past check out

The Open House today was full of fun festivities such as wine tasting and food sampling. Here are some of my favorites:

Busheelle Seasonings.  No preservatives, No calories and it's Gluten Free:))

Cant wait to mix this with Olive Oil and serve with flat bread or use as a marinade to just about any kind of meat I could dream up!

A Little taste of Heaven. Jalapeno, Garlic and Cheddar Biscuits. . .Would make the best mini ham sandwiches ever. Who is going to teach me how to make them?

Sadies Fish Cakes. Recipe straight from Barbados. Made with Salted Cod and Plantains. So good, I cant believe it's from around these parts. Going to serve up for dinner tomorrow night with yellow rice and something else?

Sin a Bit Cinnamon Bites. Sin more than a bit with these rocking awesome cinnamon biscuits from a higher place! Going to dish these up for breakfast ASAP!

Alright, so I have to admit that Reid's is not always so economical but it is local. And while I may not be buying the above as part of my weekly grocery shopping, I will be stocking up for fun holiday gatherings.

Hope you all had a great weekend. I know we did!



Thursday, November 3, 2011

More Than Enough


A recent and yet quite random conversation yesterday left me extremely clear in my personal intentions. Shocking, as I am rarely clear on anything, not even in yoga. I am envious of those who are.

When I was in my teens, I thought I knew everything. I knew nothing.

When I was in my 20's I thought my life would be a "spectacular" achievement. I was going to do "something" amazing, live in Paris, London or New York. I would change the world in a way that most people could not begin to imagine. And although I was not yet sure what that "something" was going to be, I was positive in its outcome.

Oh, and I thought my family was completely screwed up.

Today, I am well into my 30's and my definition of a "spectacular" life has changed drastically. I am a "stay at home mom" with a plentiful social life full of rewarding friendships, a fulfilling and wonderful (not perfect) marriage, two children who challenge but "complete" me and a couple of animals who seem to think I am the pack leader. (not in that order) We never have enough money. The American Dream I never knew I wanted.


Nope. Never. Knew. I. Wanted.

I wanted a career in the Arts. A career in Fashion. I wanted to be skinny, drink lots of coffee and cocktails and smoke way to many cigarettes. I wanted to make tons of money. I wanted to party. A lot.

I dont do any of the above.

What I do, is roll around on carpets and let my toddler use my side handles as airplane supports. We read 30 page children's books, a lot. I forget to shower more than I will ever admit and I load up on antioxidant drinks that promise I will live to see my great-great grandchildren. I had better.

Everyone's family is screwed up. I pray my children come to the same conclusion one day.

What I have is more than enough and I am grateful for that every day.

We all should be.


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Wallpaper is a Mighty Fine Thing!

My friend  Kathy Wilder sent me an amazing link to a wallpaper site yesterday and I just knew I had to share it with you.  Check out this wallpaper from Walnut Wallpaper. It's called Peacock on Shimmer and would be spectacular anywhere in the house. If it was up to me, and I am definitely NOT allowed too right now, then I would put it in our hall bath or another smaller space and let it's "fabulousness" speak for itself!

This one doesnt float your boat? Check out how others have defined their spaces:

WallpaperPerfect way to define a breakfast nook!


This layout is similar to our bathroom. . . It would be so much better with above mentioned wallpaper. . . wouldnt it??


You see where I am going with this. . .dont you:))


If only we were going to have more children. . .

Wallpaper dining room

Straight from Charlotte, Laura Vinroot Poole's dining room as seen in Domino.

She saved money and design overload by wallpapering only one wall!

Are you inspired yet?