Thursday, May 29, 2014

Lesson's Learned and Random Ramblings On

1. No matter how much I try to convince myself that I am a hippie. I am not. I need good lighting, hate camping and require proper lingerie.  My daughter, not so much...

Sadie Age 6

2. I will never, and I mean ever. . .live in a basement again. Not even for my next dream house. It doesn't exist if I have to live in a basement to get it.

3. I like my children between the hours of 7am and 7pm. 
The hours between, not so much . . .

4. I am a chronic underachiever. I have said it before and well. . .that shizzle is still the same. 

5. When comparing drawing to painting, my friend Mai Lis (a drawer) said she sees life and art "as the space between the lines." As a painter, "I see life in layers of color." Thus, I will never be a drawer or an architect. 

From My New Series Street Art. . .

6. After getting pulled over for an apparent "California stop and roll"  last Friday in my shorty, shorts in route to yoga and in the Sharon Elementary/ Foxcroft rush hour. . . I declared to Scotty "Every time I get pulled over it brings back bad memories of going to jail." From the back seat, I heard a "MOMMY, YOU HAVE BEEN TO JAIL!" screech come from Sadie. . .forgot that little bugger was still there. oops. . .

That is not me. . .

7. We are the loudest family alive, for about 100 different reasons. None of them are worth elaborating on. . .

I have no idea why...

8. Cooper is 5 1/2 years old. Today he learned to turn the television on. He pressed the red button. We are extremely proud. 

Yeah, We know. . You know. . where he gets it from...

Friday, May 23, 2014


I (used) to never sell anything. Not really. I also never sell anything with out working my butt off for it. . .ever! I bet I make $10 for ever 4 hours I work. . .pretty much. That ok, because I love to work, doing what I love to do.

*This was NOT me.

Some day I am going to do a blog on all the crazy jobs I have had. . .spoiler alert. . .I once handed out coconuts, dressed as Santa Clause, for a car stereo company on Route 7 in Norwalk, Ct. Pretty sure we made $5 an hour, stood in slush and snow and rain . . .BUT. . .I landed a gig at a radio station being a sexy Santa's helper. . .and somehow ended up at a Z100 concert in NYC! I mean seriously worth it. . .seriously. 

*This was NOT me.

This morning, after a ridiculously awesome hot as blazes yoga class with my besties, I came home to a email in my inbox from Etsy. It read. . .something, something. . . CONGRATULATIONS! A congratulations you owe money bill? I read on! Nope, I sold a piece of art. . .I have been working producing art, and have been a slacker on getting up on my easy site. . .and without doing much of anything. . . I made money! Real money!! #Ialreadyspentit  #pooleshop #isuckathashtags

I am so excited!!!!!!

(To my new clients, I LOVE YOU!!!! I am just beyond excited to be creating and selling my work again!) 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Allison Sprock Fine Art Event THIS MORNING with Yasharel, Marcy Gregg & Cher Cosper

Join me at Allison  Sprock Fine Art this morning May 21th from 10:30am to 12:30 for coffee and treats. Georgia artist Yasharel will be at the gallery joined by gallery favorites Marcy Gregg and Cher Cosper.  


Cher Cosper

Marcy Gregg

You know I love a good giveaway, so now is your chance to enter a drawing to win a $100 gift card toward any painting. First time at the gallery, there is a whole other drawing just for you!

Hope to see you soon!!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Sunday Funday: Dishing on Summer

With Memorial Day in the horizon, I plan on spending this summer pool side  (and not living in the basement) with a margarita in hand, sun on my back and flops on my feet.  This year . . .I'm gonna do it with a little bit of style and maybe some grace...

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

SOZO Gallery: PARTNERS Artist Initiative

It's been a crazy week around this part of town. I can't explain it, but a good friend of mine dished that for mom's, May is equally as busy as December. No arguments. . . It's banana's over here! 

*Hannah Blanton in her gallery. 

Last Thursday I was lucky enough to make it to Sozo Gallery for the opening show PARTNERS Initiative, benefiting Hospice & Pallative Care of Charlotte. The uptown gallery is owned by local art philanthropist Hannah Blanton. Hannah is a true believer in the medical benefits of both art and yoga and is a yoga instructor at my personal favorite yoga studio, Y2 Yoga.  

*Hospice representative Rachel Smith was in the house!

The exhibit runs from May 8th through June 24th, and 10% of proceeds will be donated to Hospice & Pallative Care of the Charlotte Region.  

Paintings are by:

Adrian Chu Redmond
Amy Sullivan
Barbara Jamison
Dottie Leatherwood
Fonda Doerre
Libby Smart

*Painting by Dottie Leatherwood

SOZO (sode'-so)
Greek: To be healed by God,to make well, to keep safe, to save.
Japanese: To create, to imagine.

Monday, May 5, 2014

#Werkin It. . .

Client  #SuperFun got a couple of design boards to play with. . .

Can you tell what our must have's are? 

This little beauty's going somewhere special #superfun #canigetahellyeah

New artwork found it's way to one of my favorite homes. . . 

And at the end of it, I buried my toes into this. . .

Kickin It!