Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Meet Client Glam, she's is blond, beautiful, young, fun and lives on her own. Not tied down by a resident second half, she wants it all.  Her adorable apartment in Elizabeth is in need of a brand new luxe overhaul. To make the project even more fun, I called in my favorite designer and partner Lizanne Shaver to bring in some super fresh ideas.

Not a stranger to this blog, Lizanne's previous house was featured here in May of 2012.  After reviewing some pics of her to die for space, I knew she was the right one for the job, and I was lucky enough to score her as my Design Assistant for client Glam's luxe space.

Check out Lizanne's Living Room at her previous residence!

The plan is to finish up what her previous designer started and get the walls painted. Her previous designer installed beautiful lavender grass cloth panels in the family room. We painted the walls in the main living room, hallway and floorboards Benjamin Moore's Gunmetal. The ceilings in the mid-century apartment are fairly low, so we painted the ceiling and all of the trim Benjamin Moore's Silver Lake.  We actually used the (light gray) Silver Lake in place of traditional white. 

The Living Room in Mid Construction

With the basics in place, (ALWAYS PAINT FIRST) we turned out attention to the creating the perfect boudoir for the woman who has it all. The previous designer had installed the main wall with a charcoal grass cloth that we are definitely keeping, so tying the color scheme's together became our challenge. Lizanne and I originally came up with this plan:

We ended up going a different direction with the room, which is the part of the creative process that I love! I do love this crazy sick wallpaper from Candace Olsen. We are wallpapering the closet and creating a little nook, so we looked at a million wallpapers.

A no go, but I still love.

Back to the drawing board Lizanne and I went, and by that I mean we made a bee line to Karen Saks to do some some serious homework. After several hours and a few cups of coffee we came up with this little luxurious gem of a fabric plan. 

Check out the fabulous fabrics we picked!!

Design board number two was a major hit!  The plan is to paint the walls a metallic silver with a little warmth in it. We decided to use the crushed velvet from JF Fabrics on the Euro Shams. Through out the house we replaced traditional white with  light gray, so why not do the same on the bedding. I like the pin tucked version from West Elm. Staying in the room are the existing mirrored bedside tables and purple glass lamps. Front and center in the new room will be a new upholstered headboard, we are looking for one with a shelter arm that will give the bed the built in feel she loves.  Thrown at the end of the bed, a over the top luxe faux fur blanket of course!

One major point of interest will be the Kelly Wearstler Channels print in Periwinkle and Oat. We plan to use the fabric on the roman shades that will define the corner pair of mid century windows. Also in the works is using the same pattern but in wallpaper in the closet. We took off the doors and are creating a fun little niche for hiding an ottoman and floating shelves.

Stay tuned for more updates and fun progress as this project pulls itself together!

Friday, October 16, 2015

Creative Fraud: Designer Code Of Ethics

Two and a 1/2 years ago, we sold the home that started this blog. The home that we renovated twice in the SEVEN years that we lived in it. We added a front porch and completely renovated a dilapidated screened in porch, turning it into a 8 window sun room full of light and stuffed it full of children.  Indeed I left some of the original renovations to the kitchen and upstairs bathroom, but with out a doubt the house was completely transformed. Every room was designed by me, window treatments, furnishings, accessories, art work, all by me and with help of some other very creative souls. At the time we hired Allen Brooks with ALB Architecture to work with us, we had to go through the Historic Committee and get a variance from the City of Charlotte. We then hired and worked with Concept Building on the construction of both porches.

When we sold our house, the women who we bought the house from in 2006, hunted down our real estate agents photographer and unethically purchased the photo's we used when we listed our house in June of 2013.  I found this out when my daughter was doing a project on Historic Dilworth Homes and we searched Pinterest and found my house with her design credit.

Seen Above are pictures of our bedroom, my children bedrooms and my office.

Since then, I have tried everything I can, including suing her, to make her stop. While what she is doing is unbelievably not illegal,  it is most definitely unethical. When designers and artists put there heart and soul into the creative process, it is a labor of love, every brush stroke and every individual accent makes it ours.

Seen above is the side and back yard entrances. Ironically, we were never able to do the back renovation. 

This morning, while searching for images of my old living room, I found yet another (she has taken the websites down) website that Dawn Mathews created for herself.

 Her newest website is

Please help stop this type of creative fraud by getting the word out, and by stopping her and other people from claiming design work that is not their own.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Reno Take II: House Stalking

It's Been FOREVER since my last blog, and I almost decided that public ramblings were the most unnecessary. But then I had a change of heart and felt the need to put my private thoughts back out in the public eye. . .  FOR BETTER OR WORSE. . .

It has been two years this Halloween that we moved upstairs after the lengthy renovations that I thought might be the end of me. But just like childbirth and many bad boyfriends, apparently the amnesia has set in and I have the construction bug all over again.

Ever since we bought the house I new I was going to remake the exterior of the house. I did it to our last house and I couldn't wait to make the ugly duckling the bell of the ball again. It took me about six months of what on earth will I do to come up with a plan.  

With an arch similar to this in mind( I have no idea where I found this pic and I am sorry about that!), I enlisted my good friend and architect Ray Sheedy of Sheedy Watts, to help make my vision a reality. 

I found this house in our adjoining neighborhood of Foxcroft, I love the cut out shape on the front entrance and the southern plantation doors. My goal for the house it to have it take on an old Charleston plantation/carriage house feel. Well that mixed with a bit of 70's Rock and Roll. 

Driving around town one day I found this amazing house and obviously stalked it. While the house is totally different from ours, the arch that I have been admiring from just about every blogger/designer/builder was right in front of me. 

Ray and I spent hours standing in my front yard to come up with this little scheme.  . . and then he turned my vision into a reality with these CAD drawings.  My favorite part about the new entrance  is the "To Be Built" custom bi-fold planation doors. The are going to open and pivot to reveled the front door, but the focus becomes these the custom doors, arch and over OVER SIZED Gas Lanterns. 

I found this little beauty on Pinterest this morning and it reminded me why I love to blog and of the color scheme for the house! So here I am again agonizing over paint colors and color schemes and remembering why it is I miss this so much. 

Stay tuned for TMI on paint, brick, shutters and nonsense's. . . .

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

What Keeps Me Up at Night: Bring Back The Warmth

         Bring Back The Warmth 

Photo Credit to Chris Court

 I know it's spring, but the this color palette is warming me up like the perfect sun tan. I'm talking spun natural linen, chalky whites, buttery leather and chocolate brown mohair. Create color harmony by mixing white walls, and gray accents with luxe brown accents.  

Architectural Legs

 I fell in love with trellis legs a long time ago and I am seriously psyched
 that they are back. I have been waiting on these bad boy bedside tables since last October, and they should be here soon enough.

#labordispute #1stworldproblems #designerdrama

Our Master Bedroom is just like the rest of our house. . .a mix of time periods from past to future. My Dad gave me my Great, Great Grandmother's antique dresser and a few other newer pieces (1920) from my Great Grandmother. To make it all feel fresh and modern, my friend Erin from Chancery Designs, custom designed an amazing double layer, over sized, King Size Headboard. These bad boys are going next to the bed and facing the dresser, adding yes, architectural interest. 

Olive Green Cabinets

 If you haven't been wearing Army Green all year, you have been in a mommy time warp. It actually makes me look like death but you know I'm over it, I've been sleep deprived for 8 years! Good thing the color makes this kitchen. . .well...bitchin.

Source: Mazen Studio via Pinterest

This little beauty popped up on my Pinterest feed and I couldn't resist the urge to love it, pin it and post it. Paired with all my favorites; floating shelves, subway tile, Bostonian Sconces (NOTE: IN BRONZE) it hits all of my designer lust-worthy checklists.

Industrial Doors 

I love what is going on with windows and doors right now, black and urban bronze finishes are getting the spot light in modern doors with bold, clean, grid lines. 

 French Doors

Source: Unknow/Pinterest

Exterior Doors

Source: Elle Decor


Source: Unknown/Pinterest

Scared of the cost but want the look? Check out this DIY blog post by  Blesser House. Wanna start from scratch but looking to stay in budget? I found this deal on Wayfair. Don't quote me on it directly, but it looks like it starts at $347 and ships in 1-2 two weeks. 

Legend Framed Swing Door in Oil Rubbed Bronze

Monday, February 16, 2015

Tastemaker Windi White: Anthropologie 's Personal Stylist's Spring Must Have's




Just to be clear: You NEED this dress. You actually really NEED any one of Byron Lars dresses, but this one just won't stop screaming Spring Couture 2015. 

Hitting the red carpet in Byron Lars with my Art With Heart committee member and friend Rachel Busby. Styled By: Windi Baughman White

Spring Concert Series Must Have

At the top of both of our fashion must's is this beaded and embroidered peasant top by Floreat. Pair with everything from skinny ripped jeans to cut off jean shorts.  

Windi swears by these jeans. Why? Because they are made of the softest of soft denim...perfect for warm spring nights.

Kork Ease makes the most amazingly comfortable shoes ever; and my flat feet told you so! Comfort plus sky high heels in the perfect worn in leather. . .SOLD!

The scalloped hem and sexy side slit make this light weight poncho a must have for women of all shapes. Say goodbye to boxy and hello to a flowy silhouette.

The statement pant is HUGE this season. I love that everyone can wear this pair. Curves not a problem. . .boyish frame....all good. Rock these with everything from a sweater to a basic tank. 

Not your Momma's belt. Create shape, cinch your waist and transition between skirts and blouses with this bohemian leather wrap.

Windi crushes it in her own Byron Lars dress with her favorite girls from Anthropologie.



Wednesday, February 11, 2015

From White to Bright: Chairish Designer Challenge

If you haven't already discovered , this is your chance. As part of a designer style board challenge I created a style board based around one of their vintage rugs. So you know I couldn't resist!  

The Challenge: Pick a Rug from Chairish's  awesomely curated rug collection. *Check out all the rugs here.

Hand Woven Black & White Rug
  from Chairish


Take a Room From


"First thing first". . .we were given a handful of rugs to choose and because I am obsessed with the drama of it all, I picked the black and white hand woven rug from Chairish.
 WRAP...The room in a bright coral paint like Benjamin Moore' Coral Reef. GLAM it up and paint all the trim work (in my made up room of TONS of trim) in a high gloss lacquered version of the same color. 

ADD... A white, couch in a bright room. It grounds the room, ultimately allowing for more color and more out of the box thinking. This one from Chairish has the clean lines I love with  nubby texture and vintage elegance.

LIKE... These killer his and her tufted chairs in the perfect shade of lagoon blue.


This pretty piece of art goodness...
HUNG JUST SO OVER...This masculine burl wood and brass dresser 

Topped... With my very favorite Culloden Lamps by Aerin for Visual Comfort.

FLOAT... A Brass and Glass table like this one over a bad a$$ rug. . .my favorite part? The circles!

SUSPEND...A beaded chandelier like this one from Ro Sham Beaux. is the top online marketplace of choice for designers, a place where vintage and used furniture and accessories are curated and sold to people LIKE...YOU & ME