Friday, June 29, 2012

House of Windsor is OFF The CHAIN

Windsor Smith & The House of Windsor

This house designed by Windsor Smith and dubbed The House of Windsor was just recently purchased by non other than Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin. Located in the Mandeville Canyon area of Los Angeles, this house hit the market for nearly 12 MILLION dollars.

Gwyneth scored it for a reported 10.45 MILLLION. . .

According to Curbed. the  estate looks like it belongs in "Kentucky horse country." According to me,  it would fit in perfectly in  say Charlotte, NC. . . .Actually reminds me of a house close to Charlotte Country Club in Plaza Midwood, but would truly fit in, in just about any neighbor hood. around these parts.

Stable Designed By: Kathryn M. Ireland

House of Windsor was originally a Veranda Magazine concept home, and is responsible for bringing in set designers like Peter Dunham and Martyn Lawrence Bullard to makeover rooms.

Study by: Peter Dunham

Off, Off, Off the Chain!!! I love everything about this room. . . the wallpaper, the desk, the contrast. . .the texture. . .All the elements of design are present and accounted for.

Media Room by: Matryn Lawrence Bullard

This kitchen pic has been floating around Pinterest for weeks. . .

of course it is Gwyneth's kitchen I am dying for. . .

HELLO. . .

Oh man I could sleep forever in this room. . .

Design by: Tara Shaw

Dear Christian Grey: This is every womans fantasy. . .

Dressing Room by: Candace Shaw

To Whom It May Concern: This is Every Man's Fantasy.

To My Dearest Scotty: Forget The Stables, My Fantasy is the Chairs.

The pictures on this blog came from Habitually Chic and la.curbed.

Now I am off to pack for Charleston. . .

Oh Yeah Baby!



Sunday, June 24, 2012

Kalons & Glidewell: Dentistry with Style

Meet my  long time friend, the talented  Dr. Johanna Kalons and her equally talented parter Dr. Kristi Glidewell. The two met in dental school at  UNC-Chapel Hill  and have been friends ever since. In 2005, they  became business partners,  forming Kalons & Glidewell, DDS PA and setting up shop on the 14th floor of the Charlotte Plaza building.

I was lucky enough to meet Johanna, the stunning beauty in the red, at least 7  years ago in the pool, where she kicked my butt daily after work.  Johanna swam for Wittenberg University in Ohio and trust me it shows. Our friendship developed over long chats on deck, between laps and long kicking sets. Back then Scott and I were still dating, Johanna and Nate were just getting married and we had lots of time to work out and catch up. These days  we are both busy mother's of two and we are lucky to catch each other once a week in the pool, we have maybe have 5 minutes to chat on deck, and we kick 200 yards.

Kalons & Glidewell - General and Cosmetic Dentistry

Look who made it to the website. That's me and my dental work. . .we have done lots and lots of work!! 

Not only is she an extraordinary person, Dr. Kalons is an extraordinary dentist. Besides working miracles on my teeth, she treats Scotty and both our monkeys. Even my  Mom drives from Atlanta to see her and I am pretty sure Atlanta has thousands of dentists.

Every room at the practice is equipped with cutting edge technology. They also offer floor to ceiling windows with truly beautiful  views of the Charlotte skyline.


 As if the view alone wasnt entertaining enough, each chair has flat screen monitors. That way I can catch up on the news and the kids can watch Disney.


Princesses have shiny teeth and Sadie definitely want's to be a princess. 

Both Doctors understand the importance of a relaxing environment. . . and this office has to be the most beautifully decorated dental practice ever. Stealing the show is the newly zhuched waiting room in perfectly calming shades of blue and brown.


Check out the drum chandeliers with brass cage accents.


The sunburst mirrors are from Wisteria.



I want every piece of furniture in this waiting room, including this side table from Worlds Away. Want one for yourself? Buy it here Shop 


I will take two of these. . .Oh, I already own them. Finally!


Did I mention that they are both Top Dentists!


Go to to learn more about this dynamic duo.

Kalons & Glidewell DDS PA

201 S. College Street

Suite 1465

Charlotte, NC 28244




Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mountain Air

I interrupted my usual banter to spend a couple of days enjoying the mountain air and my family. I promise to get back to work  next week.

For now, check out the view from 2 hours West of Charlotte:


Unedited photo from Banner Elk


This isn't the first time that Brass and Gray are in style.


Through the looking-glass.


Monopoly takes longer than you remember.


There is a Zebra in the dining room.


There are fishes in here folks.


And they are nibbling on my sisters toes.


Now that's a bar.


Not enough room at the table for all of us.

Until then may we all  find peacefulness and beauty in the sometimes ordinary and occasionally the extrordinairy.



Thursday, June 14, 2012

This and That Ya'll


Super Cooper decided to start his summer out right . . .He came down ready to hit the pool looking just like this. . .no kidding. ( Excuse our side door disaster area.) 


Scotty & Sadie ended up like that. Family hierarchy is in place.


The sunroom/playroom concept board is under way. Blending three spaces into one line of vision isn't as easy as one would think ya'll.


Just like that the final details are coming together for our living room. Curtain/trim drama was finally put to rest! One floor lamp and a couple of pillows and project living room vamp will be complete.


Stopped by Lucy & Company  long enough to snap a pic of their rock star showroom. This bed is off the chain! Beth is genius like that.

Cheers Ya'll,


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sale of the Day: Beside Manor


While out and about (sans kiddos) today, I came across Bedside Manor's Summer Sale. Even on sale,  most items in this high-end luxury shop would still be considered pricey by most people standards. Never deterred by things or shops that I can not afford, I  headed inside to dive into the luxury linens and bath accessories. I was pleasantly surprise by how genuinely nice the sales staff  was to my sweaty work out clad self.

The sale lamp selection does not disappoint. The silver candlestick "Messenger Lamp," from high-end lighting company Currey & Company, rings in at $189.


While rows of divine pillow's line the walls, this natural linen and grey "vertical key" stood out at $127.50. I could see at least 3 on the shelf, so finding a second shouldnt be a challenge.


I could not stop touching the icy blue pillow's below. They are literally made of the softest fabric I have ever touched and I will go to sleep tonight dreaming of them for sure. At nearly half price, these pillows are beyond worth it at $152.50.


Just want to stop in and browse? Check out the adorable makeup and travel totes from Stephanie Johnson. The Palm Dessert Orange makeup totes will freshen up your old bag and make looking for your keys, way more glamorous. Bags starting at $29.


Bedside Manor is located across from South Park Mall in the Specialty Shops. Go to to learn more about them.



Friday, June 8, 2012

Crush on This: Guest Blogging Today

Stylish Furniture and Decor

Hi Lovers!

Today I am guest blogging today for Annabelle over at  Stylish Furniture & Decor's blog.  Read up on the design elements that I am presently CRUSHING on!

When you're done,  check out this West Village resident, mommy and designer extraordinaire's favorite, timeless design pieces and more. Annabelle is just that cool.

Know you will love her as much as I do!

Happy, Happy Weekend Y'all!



Wednesday, June 6, 2012

All Bohemian Like That: Cooper's Forever Room


Forget the "Big Boy" room idea, way to short-lived. . . For Cooper's upgrade from his nursery I decided to go with a theme I know he will love forever or at least until he goes to college. . . Wordly. Vintage. Bohemian.


Last year (yes it was that long ago) I fell in love with John Robshaw's Tie Die Coverlet and Shams. So much so,  that I knew I was going to have to start saving some major penny's in order to be able to afford it! Thanks to the lovely lady's at Cottage Chic, I was able to accomplish my most materialistic wants. The blue and white batik pillows were a clearance steal from West Elm. The red geometric bolster from John Robshaw, was not.

To see more of his textiles go to

Check out the vintage 70's picture of a three-year old me. On top of the world if I recall. A gift from the artist Hunter Mallory, the picture was mounted and saved for over 30 years. Last year during a studio pow-wow-he pulled it out of the rafters just for me. Tears, I tell you . . .


Sometime this Spring my "Mama" took this amazing vintage batik off  of her wall and threw it in my car.  She can be demanding like that when she wants you to have something. . .and as guilty as I felt for taking it, I know Cooper and I will love it forever. Thanks to Corners at Park Road for framing it in the white lacquered modern frame and making it all mine!

To learn more about batik go to


I scored the Indian batik style fabric remnant at Post & Gray in South end for $50.  Next sweet awesome Ruby created the french pleat curtain panels. Kept open they add a touch of class. Even better, when they are shut, look like a fabric wall hanging. I LOVE!


Last fall we painted the walls Ellie Gray in Duration Paint from Sherwin William's.  (My favorite true grey)  The lamps were found on sale at West Elm for $69 each. The mirror from Ballard Design used to hang vertically in our Master Bedroom. The mahogany dresser dates back to the  late 1800's from Louisiana. Part of Scotty's bachelor furniture, it is a true antique beauty.


Love Ikea for cheap cool storage units that are totally affordable and equally cool! They all end up banged up, so it's better to save the money for the fun stuff!


My old friend James left this replica sculpture on my porch as a gift  for my 26th birthday. It has been in my home ever since and I laugh every single time I see it! The french Perrandello/Jeanne Provost vintage theater print is from Alexander Scott and reminds me of Sean Connery. Nothing could be more masculine.


Meet Fred the Fish. I found him hanging a long time ago at Tradition's for $45. The owner was like "If I take this down, you can't return it."  Whateve's. . .for that price he had a new forever home. More importantly he was the original inspiration for the room and his newsprint coloring has helped me along the way. Every room has to have a starting point!


The wrought iron sleigh bed was my own "big girl" bed and was a gift from my father in High School. Once hunter green, I think it's true calling was Fire Engine Red. . . I had it sprayed high gloss lacquer just to be sure. The linen bed skirt and roman shades were made by Ruby from remnant fabric I found at Post & Gray. The added band and single pleat add structure and balance the bohemian coverlet.


Sure hope he still likes it in 15 years.



Oh and if you follow this blog, you will remember that sweet Ruby was fighting the fight of her life, Breast Cancer. I just heard that she doing great and while cancer is cancer.  . .she has won this battle. . . and I for one am extremely happy about that!!