Friday, June 29, 2012

House of Windsor is OFF The CHAIN

Windsor Smith & The House of Windsor

This house designed by Windsor Smith and dubbed The House of Windsor was just recently purchased by non other than Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin. Located in the Mandeville Canyon area of Los Angeles, this house hit the market for nearly 12 MILLION dollars.

Gwyneth scored it for a reported 10.45 MILLLION. . .

According to Curbed. the  estate looks like it belongs in "Kentucky horse country." According to me,  it would fit in perfectly in  say Charlotte, NC. . . .Actually reminds me of a house close to Charlotte Country Club in Plaza Midwood, but would truly fit in, in just about any neighbor hood. around these parts.

Stable Designed By: Kathryn M. Ireland

House of Windsor was originally a Veranda Magazine concept home, and is responsible for bringing in set designers like Peter Dunham and Martyn Lawrence Bullard to makeover rooms.

Study by: Peter Dunham

Off, Off, Off the Chain!!! I love everything about this room. . . the wallpaper, the desk, the contrast. . .the texture. . .All the elements of design are present and accounted for.

Media Room by: Matryn Lawrence Bullard

This kitchen pic has been floating around Pinterest for weeks. . .

of course it is Gwyneth's kitchen I am dying for. . .

HELLO. . .

Oh man I could sleep forever in this room. . .

Design by: Tara Shaw

Dear Christian Grey: This is every womans fantasy. . .

Dressing Room by: Candace Shaw

To Whom It May Concern: This is Every Man's Fantasy.

To My Dearest Scotty: Forget The Stables, My Fantasy is the Chairs.

The pictures on this blog came from Habitually Chic and la.curbed.

Now I am off to pack for Charleston. . .

Oh Yeah Baby!



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  1. die die die die was drooling over these photos the other day