Saturday, September 26, 2015

Reno Take II: House Stalking

It's Been FOREVER since my last blog, and I almost decided that public ramblings were the most unnecessary. But then I had a change of heart and felt the need to put my private thoughts back out in the public eye. . .  FOR BETTER OR WORSE. . .

It has been two years this Halloween that we moved upstairs after the lengthy renovations that I thought might be the end of me. But just like childbirth and many bad boyfriends, apparently the amnesia has set in and I have the construction bug all over again.

Ever since we bought the house I new I was going to remake the exterior of the house. I did it to our last house and I couldn't wait to make the ugly duckling the bell of the ball again. It took me about six months of what on earth will I do to come up with a plan.  

With an arch similar to this in mind( I have no idea where I found this pic and I am sorry about that!), I enlisted my good friend and architect Ray Sheedy of Sheedy Watts, to help make my vision a reality. 

I found this house in our adjoining neighborhood of Foxcroft, I love the cut out shape on the front entrance and the southern plantation doors. My goal for the house it to have it take on an old Charleston plantation/carriage house feel. Well that mixed with a bit of 70's Rock and Roll. 

Driving around town one day I found this amazing house and obviously stalked it. While the house is totally different from ours, the arch that I have been admiring from just about every blogger/designer/builder was right in front of me. 

Ray and I spent hours standing in my front yard to come up with this little scheme.  . . and then he turned my vision into a reality with these CAD drawings.  My favorite part about the new entrance  is the "To Be Built" custom bi-fold planation doors. The are going to open and pivot to reveled the front door, but the focus becomes these the custom doors, arch and over OVER SIZED Gas Lanterns. 

I found this little beauty on Pinterest this morning and it reminded me why I love to blog and of the color scheme for the house! So here I am again agonizing over paint colors and color schemes and remembering why it is I miss this so much. 

Stay tuned for TMI on paint, brick, shutters and nonsense's. . . .