Sunday, June 24, 2012

Kalons & Glidewell: Dentistry with Style

Meet my  long time friend, the talented  Dr. Johanna Kalons and her equally talented parter Dr. Kristi Glidewell. The two met in dental school at  UNC-Chapel Hill  and have been friends ever since. In 2005, they  became business partners,  forming Kalons & Glidewell, DDS PA and setting up shop on the 14th floor of the Charlotte Plaza building.

I was lucky enough to meet Johanna, the stunning beauty in the red, at least 7  years ago in the pool, where she kicked my butt daily after work.  Johanna swam for Wittenberg University in Ohio and trust me it shows. Our friendship developed over long chats on deck, between laps and long kicking sets. Back then Scott and I were still dating, Johanna and Nate were just getting married and we had lots of time to work out and catch up. These days  we are both busy mother's of two and we are lucky to catch each other once a week in the pool, we have maybe have 5 minutes to chat on deck, and we kick 200 yards.

Kalons & Glidewell - General and Cosmetic Dentistry

Look who made it to the website. That's me and my dental work. . .we have done lots and lots of work!! 

Not only is she an extraordinary person, Dr. Kalons is an extraordinary dentist. Besides working miracles on my teeth, she treats Scotty and both our monkeys. Even my  Mom drives from Atlanta to see her and I am pretty sure Atlanta has thousands of dentists.

Every room at the practice is equipped with cutting edge technology. They also offer floor to ceiling windows with truly beautiful  views of the Charlotte skyline.


 As if the view alone wasnt entertaining enough, each chair has flat screen monitors. That way I can catch up on the news and the kids can watch Disney.


Princesses have shiny teeth and Sadie definitely want's to be a princess. 

Both Doctors understand the importance of a relaxing environment. . . and this office has to be the most beautifully decorated dental practice ever. Stealing the show is the newly zhuched waiting room in perfectly calming shades of blue and brown.


Check out the drum chandeliers with brass cage accents.


The sunburst mirrors are from Wisteria.



I want every piece of furniture in this waiting room, including this side table from Worlds Away. Want one for yourself? Buy it here Shop 


I will take two of these. . .Oh, I already own them. Finally!


Did I mention that they are both Top Dentists!


Go to to learn more about this dynamic duo.

Kalons & Glidewell DDS PA

201 S. College Street

Suite 1465

Charlotte, NC 28244




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