Monday, November 21, 2011

Designer Challenge: Fireplaces Mantles


I have a love / hate relationship with my fireplace mantle's. I love them because they are the perfect backdrop to our old fireplaces; but I struggle with them because the grand space calls for something extraordinaire, not ordinary.

The mantle in our bedroom is giving me fits right now and the mantle in our family room feels pretty stale after 3 years. SEE MY TROUBLED MANTLE BELOW. . .


In search of inspiration I found these.. . .


Mirrors, purple layers, and golden sunburst....I love thee already.


Trefoil Geometric mirrors plus organic curly willow!!!

fireplaceLess can be so much more.


What to do when you have two pieces that aren't quite big enough?

Use them both and vary the heights to fill the spaces.



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