Friday, November 11, 2011

Cottage Chic: Holiday Gifts That Wont Break The Bank

My friend Christy just announced  that Santa is already at the mall. . . .




It's two weeks before Thanksgiving. . .

Repeat after me. . . . I will not go BROKE over Christmas, I will not go BROKE over Hanukkah. . .

So. . . I promise that over the next several weeks (yes we have that many to shop) I will send out LUX presents that your friends and family will die over and that will leave you a little left over for (this never happens) you....

Here are my first two favorites from the best little shop in the world, Cottage Chic. Seriously, If I die before I wake I pray to thelord it's on their sheets! (I pray for more of course but you get my drift.) Cottage Chic is located on East Blvd in Historic Dilworth. Check out for more information and store hours.


From MOR Cosmetics may I introduce my new, absolute favorite perfume in the whole world, Little Luxuries Perfume Oil in Belladonna. The whole line is so divine that I promise your friends will think you spent "too much!" And for around $20 it wont break the bank!
MOR Cosmetics - Little Luxuries Perfume Oil 10ml

What to give your friend/sister who has everything: the gift they didn't know they needed. Check out the Butter London's nail polish in the Full Monty. ( My personal favorite.) The best part is the whole line has no carcinogens and is non toxic, making it the ideal gift for your heath conscious friends and pregnant sister. Pair this "molten" holiday gold with everything from now through Valentines Day. It lasts forever and dry's so fast that I can fumble for my keys minutes later. Oh and it's so classy even your in-laws will approve. Retails around $14.

Happy Holiday's!



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