Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cake it Your Way


April was busy and not just because I get spring fever like it's no body's business. . .it was busy because it was Scotty's 50th birthday! Instead of going away for a long weekend at a luxurious resort, we decided to throw one killer party and invite all of our friends. It was a party to remember and he had the best time of his life. Seriously, next to our small wedding, this party was twice the size and almost as much fun. Besides the amazing band( Strange Brew) and our killer friends, the best part was the divine cake by Cindy Kerns, owner of Cake it Your Way.

If it was not for my dear friend Bailee, I would have bought the chemical filled Costco cake that is Scotty's favorite. Sweet Bailee kept reminding me to "call her cake lady" and so I finally did, if not only so that I could say that I did.  After one or two email exchanges, we finally had a chance to chat on the phone. I told her all about our family, Scotty's fence business and our love of all things tropical. I also asked her to make this darn cake taste like the one from Costco. . .well I AM NOT KIDDING the cake was the best thing any of us have ever put in our mouths! Noteworthy is how affordable her cakes are, the cake above was $50!! Now how about that!!

For once in my life I listened to someone else,  and I am so insanely happy that I did,   because her cake made the evening even more special than it already was. So I am sharing this with you, my favorite blog readers, because I know that you will love me for it later!!

Check out her website at to see why on earth I am carrying on like this!!



Here are some of my favorites from her website:

Lacy Butterflies

Bandana Cowboy Cake

Monkey cake

Purple and Lime Green Birthday Cake


  1. Thank you so much for the very kind words Taylor! You are awesome!

  2. these cakes are so beautiful! I just checked out her website….I she had a shop up here in Boston so i could try one for myself!

  3. Taylor, thank you for the compliment, we are glad you and your guests enjoyed the music