Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Misadventures of Cate


Meet our furry family member,  7 year old Basset Hound, Cate Mills Presson. Poor little things has a hard life these days. From the South Carolina farm were she was born to the streets of Dilworth, this dog is manicured, pedicured and bathed more often than I am.

The first time Scotty laid eyes on her he declared her his little baby. Somehow in the midst of trying to establish boundaries, we taught Cate to only come inside when we closed the door, to pee on Scotty's man couch, to chew up everything in sight, to eat only my shoes, to suck the baby's socks clear off their feet, and to stalk my birds like a cat. A bit stubborn maybe, but a job well done we think.

One of my favorite children's books is The Diary of a Wombat. The funny little tale follows a rascally wombat, who only wants to be close to his humans. I picked up the book in South Australia, but as my luck would have it, it can be found here on Amazon.

Because I obviously had nothing better to do, I decided to give my children the day off, and followed our rascally  Basset Hound  around with my iPhone.



Sometime around 7:30am.

Been here since breakfast and not even thinking about moving.



Thought about it, but decided against it.


1:00 pm

What on earth did I do to deserve being caged in the back yard? This place is for the squirrels.


Sometime around 2:00 pm

Once again I protected my family from the neighbors. I am a super hero.


3:00 pm

The UPS guy  stalked me all the way to the bus stop.


Faced my fears and showed him whose boss.

*Not so tough when she's not standing on the chairs, but not a total wuss either. Score one for the UPS guy. He made it out alive.


The reason I got out of bed in the first place is finally home again!


Sometime around Dinner and back in the bed.

It's about time fool. . .feed me now or I will eat everything you own and leave a present for you in the morning.


9:00 pm

You didn't think this blockade would stop me from rubbing my fur and drool all over your silk curtains did you?


Somehow managed to make myself the size of a teacup poodle and make my way back to my side of the bed. Knocked over some of the baby's stuff and made a pillow. I am so smart.


7:30am This Morning

 Not to wot worry, I will keep this house safe and sound until the public schools uncage you. . .


8:00 am This Morning

Why am I out here again? Why is my bed out here? This is not good. Not good at all.

Love Dog Plaque



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