Friday, August 19, 2011

The Center of The Sun

Our house sits in  the CENTER OF THE SUN!! Or at least that's how I describe it to every landscaper and gardener that has ever worked on our yard. I mean NOTHING can grow. . .

On winter days, when the rest of the neighborhood is buried under sheets of slush and ice, our home is as warm as it is in August. It is like there is a large, tree sized, hairdryer pointed straight at our porch. . snow melts as soon as it lands, and sadly most flowers will scorch before they ever even had a chance. . . ughhh, how I wish I could keep my planters full of lush, cascading flowers and ivy...Can you imagine that I used to try and keep window boxes alive!

So last Saturday, I rolled over to our neighborhood Lowes Garden Center to nicely explain that I needed several plants that could grow in the desert. A very nice women with a name resembling Laura (who I am sure thought I was exaggerating) helped me come up with a couple of options.

Before I trapped this nice women into helping me, I discovered on my own this awesome tall, curling, Maiden Grass, that I knew I had to have!!! So I told Laura I wanted to start with the grass and she said it could grow to 6 feet tall and maybe I should pick something else,. . . so I told her. . . well, it might not make it that long, so not to worry!

Laura then helped me pick this cool merlot colored, leafy, Queen Victoria Lobelia that will add a medium height variation that I have learned I need. (Is this a sign there is hope for my future?) We grabbed a couple of Trailing Annuals, that seem more like succulents if you ask me, and are supposed to cascade over the planters.

While Cooper was napping, Sadie and I got to work!

Planter Before:

Planter After

Not bad for the desert??

Hope you all have a great weekend!



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