Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Put a Little Chevron in Your Life. . .

Chevron, you have seen it. . .that awesome geometric zigzag pattern that is EVERY WHERE!!! I used it on my kitchen bench pillows and can not wait to add it to other rooms in the house. I am thinking of painting it on the big wall above my fireplace, or maybe just to paint a painting for the wall. Or there is always the ├╝ber affordable rug version at Urban Outfitters for our new upstairs study room. (ie: Coop's old Nursery!)

Here are some inspiration photo's.. . .Now, how will you use it!!

Cool Painting, I could totally do with tape and a brush. So could you!

chevron nursery

I am out of the nursery market these days, but if I were. . .

chevron on the ceiling

Metallic Chevron on the ceiling is a total statement!

historic chevron.

Chevron on the floors, historic style!

chevron fllor!!

Or Chevron Tile , in my Master Bathroom Dreams!

Chevron bookcase solution

Cool Bookcase Solution!

pretty schweet

Totally Affordable Urban Outfitters Chevron Chair. . . .



This awesome rug . . .

wear chevron!

Most likely, I will try and rock this style:)




  1. Love the chair and the top! Great decorating idea!

  2. I am getting ready to do this eclectic upholstery fabric design by duralee.com
    on some window treatments for our piano room.

  3. I cant wait to see them!!! I love seeing pic's of your new work!!! Lets talk about curtains for Coop's big boy room this week!!

  4. This was Krista, not sure why it has numbers, but whatever. My MAC hates me.

  5. Will be sure to throw some of this pattern around this fall! Love your blog Tay, loves!