Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Atherton Market: An Urban Mommy's Dream

If you havent been you should, or that's what everyone kept telling me before I went. I mean, there are ton's of markets in town, impossible to hit them all. . . .right??? Oh so wrong. . . Atherton Market is an urban mommy's dream! 

I took the kids on Wednesday, which is a slow day for them. . . A GREAT day to take the kids and stock up on basic grocery's before the weekend.  Sadie and I fell in love with the cheeses at Simply Local.  For $4 each we scored the small size of New Moon brie from Chapel Hill Creamery and the Goat Lady Diary's Grapevine Ash. . . .delicious!! Paired them with local bakery Polka Dot's Sweat Potato and Rosemary Crisps and  went to heaven early!!

We had such a great time, I took Scotty and the kids back on Saturday morning. This time while we shopped, we checked Sadie in to the SUPER SAFE, air-conditioned, glassed in, FREE, childwatch area for a half hour of supper fun arts and crafts. 

First Stop: Local South End shop Vin Master's wine tasting. For $14 we scored a liter of red 2009 Austrian table wine from Zum Martin Sepp. Like Pinot Noir but lighter and a bit spicier. So cool, it was closed with a beer bottle top.  Thank you!

Second Stop: Pam Mahaffey's home-made soy candles!! Instantly brighten your mood with a $7 lemongrass candle. Smells even more amazing in my kitchen than actual food! For that price, I can burn it all day. . .and when I need a new one, she recycles the containers and the refill's are just $6. . . .Sweet!!!

* Invited my neighbor Karen over to enjoy the goodies with me and had a great afternoon!

On the way out Scott and Cooper grabbed a cantaloupe shaved ice, but I am not sure from where. . .so good I forgot it was healthy!

The best part of the day was signing up for the Fair Farm Bill in support of local farmers! Go to www.foodandwaterwatch.org/fairfarmbill to sign the petition and keep our farmers going strong!

*Sadie wrote this herself!

Shop Local, Eat Fresh!!!



Atherton Market is located in Historic Southend in Charlotte, NC. It is open Tuesday through Saturday's with limited hours. Like them on Facebook for more information or check their website:

out http://www.edensandavant.com/oc_center_detail.asp?cid=1001

**Make sure to bring cash, I could have done a lot more damage but the ATM was out-of-order and only a couple of vendors take credit cards.

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