Saturday, August 13, 2011

Interior Design: The Begining of an Obsession

Five years ago my husband and I moved into our new house in Dilworth. It was our second and his third house in the same quad of our same neighborhood, Dilworth. This house needed a TON of work, and was my LEAST favorite, but we had big plans for our little home. It was June 2nd 2006 and I was 4 weeks from delivering Sadie Lane, and I mean it when I say that I was a HUGE, GIGANTIC, SWOLLEN MESS! My sister-in-law Melinda and Scott arranged everything (everything that I did not throw away) in the house. I told you they were the best! The only problem was that the house didn't feel like mine.

I had never actually "lived" in a house. Houses were for necessary functions like sleeping, eating and basic grooming...they were not for hanging around in and never leaving. . . If you have ever had a newborn, or been close to someone who has, then you know there is almost NO leaving of the house. Sure you get to leave to go to the pediatricians and the grocery store, you may even leave to go for long walks . . . but you are there, in your house, for long, long periods of time.

*My totally empty family room. . .

Then I met my friend Erin, a women who LOVES to be in her house. The first time I went over there, I knew why! There were big comfy couches, and TV's in all the right spots and sophistication in the form of a master bath with a ((*&^%$) master tub and separate room for the potty. There was food in the refrigerator, coffee in a coffee pot and I am pretty sure real baked goods on the counter.

I went home and pondered this. . . I had heard about the domestic life, but that was for the suburbs, we live in the city. . .How could this be and how could I be so far behind. I bought my food at Dean and Deluca (or the Circle K Convenience Store), our beer and wine at a bar and my coffee at our local Dilworth Coffee Shop. . . fresh from them! Upon second thought, my new friend, well, she might be onto something!

So I started to learn, I bought Elle Decor and House Beautiful, I cut and clipped and created folders. I went to Robyns Fabrics and Callico Corners, and I cut fabric swatch after fabric swatch. The problem was that everything was SOOOOO EXPENSIVE!! Ask Callico Corners how much it costs to recover a chair and you will be lucky to get a quote less than $700. It was hopeless, I would never be able to afford anything. So I dug some more, and I found the best upholstery guy in the south and he was $250....and so it started, my obsession with fabric and interior design. I recovered almost everything in our house, everything that was left of course!

*My almost finished living room minus a cool modern lamp and the just the right throw rug!

Any one have any suggestions???

I wasnt doing half bad, a couple of mistakes along the way, but I was learning! Yet, I knew I needed more help, a friend refered me to her decorator, a women with a professional background in interiors, who was a new stay at home mommy as well. Meet my friend Collin, who has guided me so well over the last couple of years. I don't have a picture of her, but as soon as I see her, I am going to snap one of her, she is just that awesome!

So that's how it all began, a friend opened my eyes to living in comfort and another friend showed me how! Now I have coffee in the pantry, enough beer and wine for a snow day in July, a crisper full of fruit and veggies and at least three tv's in proper spots.

I don't think Scott ever cared one way or another, but one day, a long time ago, he walked in the door and said "it looks like a family lives here." And he was right, it was beginning to feel like home.

I could have titled this blog, the Domestication of Taylor, but I still have a long way to go! Now all I have to conquer is parenting, cooking and gardening. . . in that order!



This post is in support of Ruby, a wonderful women and friend of Collin's who has made pillow after pillow, curtains, slip covers and bench seats for me. . . . and to her battle against cancer. It is amazing how one women, who I have only met once in my life, can have brought me so much joy and comfort. I wish this for her.

*These are my very favorite curtains in the whole house!!! Ruby did them:)



  1. Can you give me the names and information on the "Best Guy In the South"and Ruby for furniture covering?

  2. His name is Mr Davis at Davis upholstery in Pineville, NC. Ruby has done my pillows but is currently battling Cancer and I don't believe she is working right now. Thanks for reading my blog!! Let me know if I can help in any other way:)

  3. Thank you so much for answering my email. I enjoyed the article in the paper on you!

  4. Sure! Call Mr. Davis at

    314 Meyer Lane
    Pineville, NC 28134
    (704) 889-7716
    Bus: Polk St & Pineville-Matthews Rd
    Directions - Is this a