Monday, January 28, 2013

The Final Reveal:My Almost Master Bath

Hello. . . Boy can I drag something on. . .way, way too long! So here it is, the last blog on the longest lasting series ever. . .My Almost Master Bath!

In case you are just tuning in, I hired Kathy Wilder to consult on the project and we started with this amazing concept board. 

I made Kathy sweat with some major paint drama. . .

Working with Aspen Cabinetry,  I custom designed these cabinets with major storage. 

And added a cool storage tower for Scott's man thingys and my pretty little things.

In an attempt to cut the budget, we kept the old miror and I gold leafed it myself. One sunny afternoon, I sanded it down and primed it up.

Then layer by layer I carefully painted it on. 

My hunt for statement hardware finally paid off and I scored these circle ring pimping pulls from Liz's Antique Hardware in LA. At $38 a piece I am glad I only needed two of them.

The oversized brushed brass euro pulls are from Lewis Dolin at At 10 1/2 inches long they are solid in weight and make the major statement I was hoping for. . .They were also an affordable $13.78b a pull!

Also from Lewis Dolin are the towel hooks. As part of a large sample order, I included the small cabinet pulls shown below. After an extensive search for cool ass knobs, I came up empty in the affordable style category. A big thanks to Kathy Wilder for suggesting we use three of these as towel hooks. Pretty fabulous if you ask me . . .and for $6.65 a knob. . .a major steal! 

From the very beginning I was literally DYING to use this library sconce  by Visual Comfort/Circa Lighting.  The bathroom proved to be the perfect location.

Did you notice Jen Levine's artwork? After moving some pieces around, this room was the ideal way to showcase her original print.  

Sorry for the crooked photo, I ended up having to stand on the toilet to get the shot. . . I said it was my "Almost Master Bath!"

If I missed anything or you want any more information on the bathroom or the people who helped me along the way, please post a comment or send me a message on facebook. This blog is for sharing and I would love to help!

Peace, Love and Joy!


  1. found your blog through those pulls, although I can't say my husband will be as fond of the referral as I am.

  2. Doesn't that tall cabinet beside the shower door make the bathroom a little bit congested? You could've have placed racks instead of a whole cabinet, but that's just my opinion. Whatever you put in that spot, the whole bathroom looks spot on! Congrats!

    Kip Whitehead