Friday, January 4, 2013

Children: The Bubble Map of Life

The phrase "get your priority's straight" sounds like a pretty easily accomplished task. Much like an afternoon's project or a weekend DYI. I imagine a college notebook with a couple of bullet points and  some scratchy notes, maybe even an old school bubble map diagram.

In fact, "getting our priority's straight" might be the single hardest task many of us are every faced with.  To some it may be as simple as going to the grocery store first and not the dry cleaners. To others it may be taking a vacation with those you love the most, taking the kids to the park instead of getting that much needed mani/pedi or clipping coupons today so that next month there is a little something, something in the old savings account. The scenarios are endless, but the various outcomes ultimately form the foundation of our lives. 

For the last several weeks, I have worked hard on my own bubble map of life. Clarity comes at the center of that bubble, in BIG, BOLD ink. The only way this map works is to put our children front and center. Not just yours and mine, but our neighbors, our cities and ultimately the worlds. There are lines that lead everywhere with more and more bubbles attached.  Everything from listening to them more often, to spending time indoors reading and outdoors exercising with them.  We must  prepare them for the world outside our nest and we have to save for their future and ours. Prioritizing all of that (and more) is going to take some time, but the easiest and funnest part is spending time with them. What better time to catch up on some much needed kid loving than over the holidays!

Here is a look at some fun moments from our holiday season:

Elfie came extra early this year and made a lot of work for Mommy and Daddy. That (not) so little elf has never fit on any of our shelves. Sure does make himself comfortable in our kitchen though. . .

Sadie bug just could not deside on a tree. . .

She finally did. . .and it was the best, tree, ever!

Just to be sure there was a enough help at the North Pole,  Cooper added some SUPER powers to Santa's team.

Elfie got in MORE & MORE trouble around the house and was almost sent back to the North Pole.

The best Christmas present ever was bringing him home from the hospital on Christmas Eve 2008.
Happy 4th Birthday Super Cooper!

We had a "girls day" at the Nutcracker with some of our best friends.

And thanks to some great planning from Ms. Krista Wilson. . .
We were second row, center stage!

Most importantly, we did a lot of sitting around and making S'Mores by the fire!

May 2013 be full of magical memory's and loving moments!

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