Monday, January 21, 2013

Blinged Out: Kristin Hayes Jewelry

*Earrings by Kristin Hayes Jewelry.

I wrote this blog a little over a year ago but I wanted to share it with you all again. I feel lucky to be able to host a Kristin Hayes Trunk Show this February 6th. If you live in Charlotte and are interested in coming, please leave a comment and I will add you to the invite list. Go to to check it out!


Charlotte is home to some really cool people. Flying low, but oh so cool, is my friend and local jewelry designer Kristin Hayes. Kristin has a degree in Apparel and Textiles from Appalachian State University. After graduation, she spent time working in fashion in New York City before returning to Charlotte in 2005. She took the opportunity to follow her dreams and started her own jewelry line, Vanilla Jewelry. Since then she has added three additional line's including Emerald Hayes, Signature and Bridal.

Now just the best mommy ever to little girl Hayes, Kristin continues to challenge herself with new design concepts and customized pieces. Her home based studio is a design obsessed persons dream come true. It is literally stacked full of drawers and trays of vintage stones, pearls, brass, gold, other mixed metals and one of a kind charms. Kristin's vintage contemporary pieces are all one of a kind, and are perfect reflections of her "meticulous detail" and "craftsmanship." This month I visited her studio and worked with her to design my very own special piece.


Together we went through her many templates to find the perfect pair of crystal studded angel wings. Then we added a vintage gold cross embellished with vintage stones, a brass key (to my heart of course), and a dog tag like metal plate with stamped numbers coded with my loves birthdays.


The angel wings shown here are special for many reasons to both Kristin and myself. I am lucky enough to be the first owner of her new inspired template.The first but definitely not the last!


Along the way I fell head over heals with the chandelier earrings shown above. Because I wear a lot of mixed metals, Kristin customized them on the spot by adding a gun metal chain to the already mixed media.

Check out these divine disco diva earrings available for sale on her website for $68.

Also for sale on her website for are these vintage taglio earrings with white rhinestone chain for $88.

For more details and contact information on Kristin Morris Jewelry go to

I know you will love her and her work as much as I do!



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