Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fabulous Fabric Headboards

twin beds, zebra pillows, upholstered headboards

Fabric headboards can be the most affordable and easily changeable aspect of updating your bedroom. From do-it-yourself garage built headboards to high-end luxury custom pieces, this is a trend that we can all embrace. Dont feel obligated to order online, you can easily customize your own headboard and  support local business and craftsman or save money for your kids college and do it yourself!

If you are in Charlotte, there are tons of local options, including some of the trendy booth rental furniture stores like Post and Grey in South End and Cotswald Market Place in South Park. Even better, my friend and local seamstress, Jill  Brashear  does a great job and has at least four different headboard designs to choose from. Check her out at www.seamsandledges.com or email me for information.

Not in Charlotte and can't track down any local craftsman, Ballard Designs will let you customize with your own fabric and has many different style options to choose from. Just be careful of long ship times and hidden costs. Other stores like West Elm and Crate and Barrel have their own fabrics and many different options. . . .beware of the same problems. My sister has been waiting for her headboard from West Elm since May. If she has it yet, she just got it!

Want to try it yourself?? Go ahead you know you can. . .ok, well maybe read these easy how to's for a little bit of guidance:



Hit up your local fabric stores and search through my favorite pictures for inspiration!

Love fabric headboards!Love the yellow, funky fabric!

HeadboardsAnd the solid orange with geometric pillows!

Love tufted headboards

The high back and  relaxing, spa like feeling of this bed is so inviting!

exposed brick and tufted headboards... loveee

There's nothing boring here!

gorgeous and perfectly attainable room (one day). love tufted headboards.

Your man will love this one!

I've always liked leather for headboards, but I'm liking this canvas style too

This look is just right!



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