Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fashion's Night Out 2011: Charlotte, NC

Alas, Fashion's Night Out 2011 is finally here!  Allison and I are headed to Neiman Marcus for the Fashion's Night Out event and then uptown to Metropolitan, to support our favorite local shops!

Here are some looks I hope we see:


Miu Miu Glitter BootieMiu Miu Glittered Open-Toe Pump

This shoe is the most controversial and "game changing" shoe I have seen hit the main stream in a while!! Cult Fashion Shoe AHHHHLOOOOLICCS are worshiping this shoe. Love , love it in the second version as well! If we didn't need power and food, I would already own them:)

2. Marc by Marc Jabobs is an urban legand!

MARC by Marc Jacobs Michaela Silk Blouse

Hugs and Kisses for this shirt! If Neiman Marcus wants to continue to keep the urban cool kids around, this  is a great way to start! Me, I would probably pair it with a pair of 70's inspired flares and a great wedge. . .maybe some simple gold hoops and a boho brown leather cross boday bag! I might also wear it tucked into a vintage pencil skirt,  30's style T-Cross high heel shoe and a killer  bag. Too many ways to wear this, and worth the investment!  A total 2010 Gucci Knockoff, of course, but the closest designer to hit it, HECK YES!!! Worth the money!!!

3. The Return of ladylike: If I were a princess, I would wear this! I would of course be 6 inches taller, lacking a football player's shoulders and have a trust fund immune to a double dip recession. Nope not me, but be on the look out for inspired looks, in time for your husbands/neighbors/charity  holiday party:)

Stella McCartney Lace Full-Skirt Dress

4. The Power of a Women in a Bad A$$ Hat! I am in love with the 70's, bell bottoms, suede, felt hats, wooden wedges.. . . ahhh, all me baby, all me!!! This piece, makes me wobble in my heels. . . .

Eugenia Kim Carly Boho Cloche Hat

5. I know I will NEVER be able to afford it, but these shoes are just bad! In my dreams I  would wear them NOW with a tea length knit skirt (think Missioni)  and a silk cami. Oh and maybe the hat from up above!

6.Colorblocking is KEY this season. I love the clean lines and the use of color in this dress from Jill Stuart. The perfect blend of 70's meets modern.

For Winter try this look from modern design master 3.1 Philip Lim, available at (of course!)

7. The perfect accessory to both the lady like look and boho chic? Estate jewelry of course! Check out these awesome earings from Stella & Dot.

Cant wait to share with you our favorite looks from the night!



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