Monday, April 29, 2013

When One Door Close, Another One Opens. . .

 *In the beginning, our house under construction circa 2008.
A friend reminded me today that "when one door closes, another one opens." I have been wanting to share some exciting news. For a while now we (Scotty & I) have been feeling cramped and out of space. At a loss for what to do with our present home, and having exhausted all future construction projects, we had been casualy looking to find a different home to house (long-term) our sweet family. A couple of weeks ago, we found it, and we knew immediately that we could see ourselves in it for the next 20+ years. We put in our offer without a second thought and to our disbelief the sellers accepted it.(For the record, never in a million years, did we think we would get it!) Although it is less than 4 miles away from our home in Dilworth , it seems a million miles away. After many tears and a long week spent preparing our house to go on the market, it went under contract in the blink of an eye. I am scared and excited and torn. 

*Our new side door circa 2008.
We are reminding ourselves that it is an amazing opportunity to build a life that is not in "my tree house", but in a grown up space that we plan to spend many, many years in. 
* Toot and Buggy: The Reason we built the porch in the first place. . .To swing little Sadie and a Cooper to be!

As soon as I can share more information with you,
 I will. . .I promise. 

If your interested the link to our present home's virtual tour is:

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