Thursday, April 25, 2013

....I Went To Get A Manicure And Forgot To Vote

One of my favorite scene's in You've Got Mail is when Meg Ryan tells Greg Kinnear that in the last mayoral election she went and got a manicure and forgot to vote. 

"In the last mayoral election...
...when Rudy Giuliani was running against Ruth Messinger...
...I went to get a manicure.
And forgot to vote.
Since when do you get manicures?
I suppose you could never be with a woman who got manicures?
It's okay. I forgive you.
You forgive me?
Excuse me, I'm sorry. Excuse me."

It's great,she proves she is really not all that serious or political and she just might be fun! I fall in love with her character all over again. Well I didnt forget to vote yesterday but I could have. After a super long day, when I should have been writing my column for the Quarterly or working on a blog, or well doing any number of productive things that I am ridiculously over committed to doing. . .I grabbed Sadie and we went and got manicures. Oh and on my way one of my besties called (girl you know who you are) and conned/bribed/forced me invited me over to have a fantastic glass of wine before (and don't gasp) five pm. I know right. . .how terribly wonderful of us! I then did our family ritual, I picked up pizza and a salad to go.

So if you are my editor and you read this, I promise to be on deadline. And if you are my friends, you know I will pull out a bag of tricks to get it done (somehow) on time. And if you are a reader of mine, maybe I am not so perfect after all. (If you ever thought that anyways.) I mean blogging and Hollywood are fabulously related. We clean it all up, edit it and send it right back out to the world exactly the way we want you to see it. 

Now Back to reality, and thanks for all the love!

Check out the clip for a good laugh!Sorry for the pre commercials.

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