Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring Break Round Up!

 After 9 1/2 hours of driving the kids (and Mimi) were geared up for some hard core swimming!

Easter Sunday Brunch was very different this year at Downtown Disney's Bongo's Restaurant.

At Disney I finally confirmed my point that"bumpers should be used for bumping!!" I have a conspiracy theory that the insurance company's convinced the automobile industry to make fiberglass bumpers!

We took Wednesday off and just played in the pool! 

Sadie and I got crazy at Prime Evil Whirl at Animal Kingdom.

Yes sir, that's us. . .That crazy family in the front row!

Sadie and Mimi rode Mt. Everest and were not afraid at ALL!

 For some reason I can relate to this picture all to well!

Ahh man "were in Radiator Springs!"

By the last day at Epcot these two were best buddy's.

I got to see one of my best girlfriends Emily Lewis and tour one of her million dollar luxury Windemere listings. . . but you will have to tune back in to hear all about that! 

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