Monday, February 25, 2013

Lets Play. . . Favorites!

Today while shopping (for fresh pasta) a very cool, very hip and clearly much younger clerk and I started talking music. He asked me about my favorite concert and I struggled a bit (Pink Floyd Division Bell, I think!) and then I asked him, and he struggled a bit. It left me thinking about my favorite things and then wondering what are YOUR favorite things. I mean, blogging is so one sided and all. . .I share mostly boring and occasionally interesting details about my life and yet I know very little about my readers. So lets play I share, you share. . .

1. Favorite Restaurant: Impossible to choose. . .
     Charlotte: I love Halycon Flavors From The Earth.

     New York City: Extra Virgin in the West Village. Bonus: My little sister Lindsey may live next door!

     Atlanta, GA:  South City Kitchen in Midtown. I was lucky enough to eat dinner there last weekend!

2. Favorite Vacation Spot: Saint John, USVI. I love it so much that I STILL haven't given up on living there.

*pic from our last trip two years ago. . .

3. Style Icon: Olivia Palermo

Shop her style at Piperlime.

4. Most likely to be spotted wearing: Sadly. . . workout gear! Not sadly, Gucci sunglasses and a lux bag.  My favorite accessory is my daughter  Sadie, who is never too far away!

5. Guilty Pleasure's: See above: Gucci sunglasses and lux bags. Seriously. . . I have no business! 

6. Favorite thing about myself: My dark brown eyes and high cheekbones. A girl has to love something about themselves, right! Now it's your turn!

7. Dear God, Why Did You Make Me This Way:  I can cry at the drop of a pin. Big huge tears, and I CAN. NOT. STOP.

8. Most embarrassing moment: Swimming the wrong stroke in the 200IM at a BIG swim meet when I was 18. I am still not over it. Really.

9. Could NOT live without: So cheesy I know. . .but my family. They remind me everyday about what is really important. Plus they always let me sleep in. . .Scotty has the kids trained! (I might feel a bit guilty about that as well!)

*Last family picture together . . .Christmas of course!

10.  Adventure I have never been on, but I am dying to go on: I could write a paragraph on this one!  I have never been to Haiwai . . but I would do just about anything to make it to Bora Bora. Scott has not been to Europe, and I want to share Paris and London with him. We will go there someday soon! I AM married you know. . .so I have to have his and hers adventures.

So tell me your favorites. . .pick one or all of them! It's better that way!

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