Monday, March 11, 2013

Life's Not Complicated: Just "One Up" It!

After a month of riding what I could only describe as an emotional roller coaster, I resemble one of those exhausted and stressed out mommy's from a bad 80's movie. Feeling down in the dumps, I apologized to Sadie for not being the best mommy I could be. She said "Mommy, your not a bad mommy, your a great mommy. Your the kind of mommy that sits down and plays Super Mario Brothers with me." Humm, that's what makes a good mommy in the eyes of a six year old. Well how hard is that? Apparently, it's not all that hard at all.  Here I am running ragged and worrying about signing her up for spring soccer, and swim teams and summer camps and vacations and all she wants is 20 minutes to veg with me on the couch. 

I admit it, I love playing our new Wii with the family, but I also love playing the games by myself. Last night I grabbed the controller and tried, to no avail, to get her past the last level to drive us bonkers. With limited "lives" left I  hit the level one jackpot for some extra "lives. That's what Sadie would have done, gone back to the beginning and stocked up on "extra lives" so that she would have plenty of chances to win when the next big challenge comes.  

So life is hard and this level is a bitch. I just wish I could throw in the controller and turn the darn thing off. But I cant because this game of life is for reals y'all.  Lucky for us, we can go back to level one, back to the easy levels we have already mastered.  Back to the basics of family and stockpile it up on love, and positive energy and rejuvenation. So that our "lives" are full for the next roller coaster that hits. Because it will. . .this is real life and you better be ready to play!

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