Sunday, February 17, 2013

All Grown Up: Sadie's Room Mini Makeover

Overr the last several years, I have been busy making over the rest of the house, giving Cooper a nursery and then a "Big Boy" room. As first born luck goes,  I had not touched Sadie's room since she was 2 years old, and even then I didn't make many changes from her nursery to toddler space. Well I promised her, her room was next. . .and well you know I had to deliver!

Initially I was inspired by several spaces I found on Pinterest:

Source: via Taylor on Pinterest

I am struggling with (re) learning photo shop, but I came up with this little concept board:

I know, I know. . . It's rough and the desk shown above is too small, but I have no idea how to go back in the layers. . .so replace that desk with this little beauty I found at Home With Heart. I want to put it against the wall on the other side of the bathroom door. We shall see if I can get Scott to go for the price tag. You may be seeing a DIY copy cat post. . . .But a girl can dream right?

I started by painting the walls a custom oatmeal color from Benjamin Moore and the ceiling in Cream Puff . Shown below are custom oatmeal linen Euro Shams and red bolster from Erin at Chancery Design. Not shown is the beautiful custom daybed bed skirt in matching fabric. 

 My friend and photographer Miranda Reger shot our family last fall in uptown Charlotte and we cropped and mega enlarged this shot of Sadie leaning on her daddy's legs. I had it framed in the same modern, white lacquer frame that I did in Coopers room. 

Remember these little beauty's from Home With Heart, well they came HOME with me!

The curtains are from Post and Gray and Erin from Chancery Design hemmed them and added the fringe. It was her call to add it to both sides and create a clean border by keeping both fringes facing in. I love.


The chair is from Ikea and was slip covered in Sadie's nursery. The vintage framed chalkboard was moved from the bathroom and the old English Pot came home with me from Home With Heart.

Sorry for the poor lighting. . .The lampshades are from Restoration Hardware Kids and the black modern lamp bases are from Target. The etched glass mirror was an old Interiors Marketplace find from Sadie's nursery. The drawing was one of Sadie's first , and I love that the two flowers are symbles of she and I. 

Just like everything else in our lives, our home is forever evolving and always growing. 

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  1. taylor, her room turned out beautifully! the white lacquer frame is perfect for that image. love it!