Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Finding the Art in Gallery Walls

Hanging a gallery wall is often an enigma that many find too challenging to attempt at home. Up until recently I called upon my friend Collin to help me hang almost every painting in my house. I used her to hang plates in the children's bathroom and again to create a cluster of drawings in the dining room. One wrong strike of the hammer and pulling a nail out of plaster could equal a major disaster, I was paralyzed with fear.

I spent much of last Spring Co-Chairing the Spring Arts Showcase at Dilworth Elementary. Basically, this translates to countless hours hanging thousands of pieces of children's art work. We hung art in halls, over balcony's, on bulletin boards and from the ceiling. I became fearless in my arranging. Free from the educational  constraints of the years spent studying art and of the constant fear of a professors scrutiny, I finally let loose and enjoyed myself. One day towards the end of the school year, I came home and started hanging art work. Old baby pictures of Scott's, portraits of the children, even "Gypsy Girl" received a new home on my  gallery wall. I felt brave.

The great thing about gallery walls is that they free up the rest of your wall space and keep things from feeling to cluttered and spread out. I hope some of these pictures will give you the inspiration to start your own gallery wall.

gallery of gallery walls

Follow the linear lines and you will see that most artwork is hung to form rectangles. The pieces of the puzzle all fit together.

gallery walls

The gallery wall above the fireplace adds height and drama. This "unexpected" display balances  the uniformity of the built in bookcases and completes the backdrop.

Gorgeous gallery walls.

This gallery wall displays a collection of black and white photography without cluttering the other walls in the home.

Hallway gallery walls

Similarly light-colored frames keep this hallway from feeling heavy.

Gallery walls

Analyzing this chart is easy but coming up with your own gallery wall may be more difficult. Using painters tape and pencil marks may help, but don't be afraid. . . most of the holes will be covered up with pretty artwork!



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