Thursday, March 1, 2012

Creating A Focal Point: What A Difference a Coat of Paint Makes

Fireplace drama in the spring?



After picking up my new Jennifer Levine mixed media watercolor from the framers, I could not wait to find its new home in our petite abode. Naturally, its first stop was the fireplace mantle in the living room. Then I tried it in the bedroom and hallway. I just could NOT find the right spot!

Finally, it hit me. . .It was not the location but the color of our walls. Over the last 6 years, one of the few things I have no desire to change, is the color of our main living area and hallways. The old Martha Stewart for Sherwin Williams Lamb is still the perfect "off white" color to handle our "center of the sun" light.  It was also not the perfect color to set off a neutral art piece. No way was I changing out the art, so the obvious solution was to paint the fireplace. I still had a can of my favorite Ellie Grey from Sherwin Williams,  so at 9 o'clock at night at painted the wall. I needed to see the color (and more specifically how the light changed it) for at least a day before I committed to it. What do you think?

Before Shot

Almost Complete . . .

I can't show you everything just quite yet. . . and the curtains are still in the works, but I thought I would show you what I have been up to these days. . . and NO it's not the debauchery I used to be up too. . .I painted this by myself!

And a Close Up

Oh and I found a new home for my fun planters from my old mantle. . .

What's old is new again!





  2. Love love love... have you ever considered painting the brick surround a dark charcoal or black?

  3. Of course:)))) I just dont have the heart to paint the historic brick. . . .I want to, but you know how I am about architectural integrity. . . .it would look AWESOME wouldnt it!!