Monday, April 7, 2014

What The Future Holds

After years of playing with lighting design and developing my artistic and creative passions, I have decided to raise the bar and take this side hobby of designing and painting to a whole other level. I am so grateful to my friends, my blog followers and  my boss Lynn Anne Bruns and co-workers at LAKB Design, for supporting me on this crazy journey I am calling my life. You can always find me at the shop, working with our amazing customers and clients and continuing to grow as a designer and an artist. 

This Thing Called Art

My artwork is inspired by taking the ordinary, and juxtaposing it into the extraordinary. I begin by looking at the beauty in the everyday and blurring those lines; abstracting shapes, color and most often texture. Life is built on experiences and art is built through layers. #neverbeflat #alwaysbegrowing

  • Watercolors and Mixed Media on archival paper starting at $75
  • Custom pieces available starting at $100

  • Small scale abstract oil/acrylic and mixed media paintings starting at $150
  • Large scale abstract oil/acrylic and mixed media paintings starting at $400

 Design Services

*above taken at the Cisco showroom in Highpoint, NC
  • Lighting Design: What feels like a hundred years ago (ok it was probably 1999) I started working while I was at Queens University for my friend Katina at her local Dilworth lighting shop. Katina taught me "to always look up!" and ever since I have been tripping over just about everything.  I recently was invited to lecture on lighting at my alma matter (for my sweet friend and architect Ray Sheedy)and it was a huge honor. Since then my phone has been ringing away with wonderful new clients wanting lighting help. So I figured it was about time I told everyone else. . . 
        • Lighting Consultation:$45/an hour.
          • Flat rates available based on individual projects.

  •  Color Consultation: Years of practicing in the fine arts has taught me the importance of our surroundings. When the weather outside is dark and stormy so often are our moods. Interior color has the same effect as the weather on our spirits. Choosing the right paint colors and wallpapers within our home sets our moods everyday. 
      • Color Consulation: $45/an hour.
        • Flat rates available based on individual projects.

A recent art installation at a client's home. Interior Design by the fantastically talented Kathy Wilder of Kathy Wilder Interiors

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  1. Very excited by your new career direction. Given your God given talents and education, I know you will be very successful!