Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Three years of Sweet Home Charlotte

That's me in Creative Loafing!

It all started the summer of 2011 when my friends at Cottage Chic submitted my name to Creative Loafing for the their new Style section. Creative Loafing was looking for real peeps with real style on real budgets. Well... that was, and still is, moi! 

My fashion business partner Allison Bumgardner and I had started a fashion blog the year before, and in an attempt to seem sort of cool, I decided to start one on interior design. Our company's name was Closet Candy and our slogan. . .wait for it  . . . "How Sweet Is Your Closet." With branding in mind, NOT Sweet Home Alabama, I started my blog Sweet Home Charlotte. And I started it fast, posting as many blogs as I could in time for the Creative Loafing story. 

The story came and went and I kept on blogging. It's almost four years later, and I am still at it. Sweet Home Charlotte is dedicated to living a life all your own, it's about creating and building your own style one little piece at a time. Sometime those pieces are bought, sometimes they are remade and sometimes they are handcrafted; and they are always special.

At least five years ago my most precious Mama went down into her basement and produced this yellow taffeta mildewed chair. She insisted that I take it with me. I had zero immediate plans for it. So I put it in Scotty's warehouse. This fall I got it back and stuffed it in our basement. Being a "fabricaholic" and all... I last minute gave my upholsterer some remnants and we rocked that old chair out for under $200 total!


*turns out the old chair was very well made in mahagony and horse hair.


The Back Makes It Extra Special!

That's what this old blog is all about. Please ask me if you need sources or help remaking your sentimental old pieces into new one's. I get my kicks doing it!!

I am grateful beyond words for my readers, for those of you that follow Sweet Home Charlotte and for those of you that voted for me in Charotte Magazine's Best of The Best BOB Awards. I WON!!!!!! I have no idea how it happened but it took my breath away when I found out!

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