Monday, December 3, 2012

It's A Long Story: Dilworth Coffee, Simplicity and Me.

Ask me how I like my coffee and I will tell you strong and black.  At Starbucks (when I must) I say "Small Coffee." Nothing skinny, complicated or spoken in Italian.  It's really nothing against Starbucks, but they are from Seattle, Washington, not exactly an overly popular international coffee destination. I am an American and I expect to order in sizes  Small, Medium and Large.  I prefer to put the cream in myself, leave me room or I will make it.  Either way.

One of the first times my Grandmother, Margie Marchard Bowley, met her (wealthy) Mother In Law's sister Aunt Elsie Dupont, she asked Margie how she liked her coffee. My Grandmother's answer was sweet, simple and polite, "with cream and sugar please."  Aunt Elsie's response, not quite as nice as she answered "How inconvenient  of you." Entirely abrasive, and yet most definitely, to the point.

It is for this exact reason that I am thankful for the simplicity of Dilworth Coffee. This little Charlotte coffee shop is tucked into the back of Kennilworth Commons. Inevitably one can order whatever complicated drink one could dream up, but for the rest of us, we can help ourselves to a fine selection of specialty artisan brews; in sizes Small, Medium and Large. 

At some point last year, Dilworth Coffee,  my favorite rustic, hippy, spot closed down for a week. A sign covered the door that said it was closed for renovations. My heart sunk, I loved the woodsy, comfort setting that felt like home.  I overheard someone mutter that they were making it more like Starbucks. I thought I might cry.

 Obviously, I have changed immensily over the past ten years. I am not as "hippy" as I used to be,  not as free spirited and earthy. While I used to brag that I could fit all of my belongings in the back of my Honda. I am pretty sure that we would fill up at least one large moving truck with all the possesions I have acquired over the last eight years.

As it turns out,  Dilworth Coffee has changed with me and I suspect many of it's patrons.  And when I finally opened up the doors. .  . I loved every inch of it.

The well curated gallery wall highlights an eclectic art collection. A metal, industrial style pendant illuminates a work area for patrons.

Fun food and drink specials greet us as always. Most are by local vendors.

A Circa Lighting Dave Hicks Pendant brings more than a touch of style to the minimalist environment. 

Rustic wooden walls remain, but this time in a refined style. 

Shop Local Y'all!

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