Friday, September 21, 2012

Where Am I Now: 416 Kingston Avenue!

In 2006, long time Dilworth residents, Kathy and Rob Wilder chose 416 Kingston Avenue as the perfect home to raise their growing family. This historic home, built in 1926, is located on the desirable "dead-end" section of Kingston Avenue. The "beautifully appointed home" boasts more than 6 coal-burning fireplaces, inlaid wood floors, original gas fixtures, brass fittings and incredibly high ceilings. The stately dining room has floor-to-ceiling landscape murals that are rumoured to have once been throughout the house.  Kathy, an interior designer, has beautifully furnished the enitire home, putting a fresh spin on traditional living. A must see,  416 Kingston Avenue is sure to be a crowd pleaser.




  1. Glad to find your blog! I'm in Charlotte as well!

  2. not sure why it posted in my woven in my soul name and not my design name I don't use that wordpress blog at all.