Friday, October 21, 2011

A Gallon of Paint


One cool spring day in 2006, I wandered into  the Sherwin Williams paint store on Selwyn Avenue and met a super sweet, young women named Holly Reuther. The painters at our new house were pressuring me to pick our paint out so that they could start the project.  My more specific motivation was that they needed to paint the nursery of my sweet baby girl to be. That day Holly helped pick out the perfect ice pink for Sadie's nursery, a cool blue (now grey) for our dining room and my favorite Martha Stuart color Lamb for the main rooms and hallways. Which is, ironically, the same exact color that my Aunt Sarah picked for the exterior of her house from last weeks post.

Since that wonderful day, my now friend Holly has helped guide me through at least 6 other rooms, countless furniture pieces and the painting of the exterior of our house. Which, I should tell you, she came over and custom blended just for the massive amount of light the front of my house bakes in every day. She has walked me through every kind of product, wood stains, concrete stains and even polyurethane. She is a master of color and  I would argue to anyone the best in the field.  I often ask my painters  "To think, What would Holly do?"  and they know what I am talking about!

Today was no different that my usual bi-monthly trips to her store, except that today I had her mix up the paint for Coopers "big boy" room. Every decorating project has to start at a "jumping off point" and Coopers gray room has been in my head for at least a year. For the last two months I have been plastering the walls of my guest room with different paint samples of many shades of gray. I havent been able to commit to even one of them. This happens to me almost never. Perplexed by this and the fact that my painter that can never come, can today, I pulled the trigger. I knew if I didn't, I might second guess myself and get another sample and I am already at least $30 into samples. I called Holly this morning by 8am and ordered Ellie Gray in Duration Matte, I told her to mix it up and I would be by to grab it.

Here's how it looked this morning:

Here it is after:

I would show you more of Coops room, but I cant wait blog on the finished project and I dont want to give it away just yet!

To learn more about Sherwin Williams and my new favorite paint obsession, Duration paint, check out:



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