Monday, July 25, 2011

Open Minded: Why yes, yes I am!

For absolutley no reason at all, I have NEVER wanted to go to two places in the world. The First was Las Vegas and the Second was Cancun, Mexico. These are both places that my sweet husband dragged me to "kicking and screaming." Ok not really, but there was a lot of sleepless nights and anxiety leading up to both trips. If left to his own, my husband would frequent Vegas at least once maybe twice a year and I would visit it NEVER! My speed is drastically more quaint, I prefer a small french bistro to my husbands favorite luxury brand steak house.

But marriage is all about compromise and  for the record, my love of adventure trumps my stubbornness, so I reluctantly went with him to a Las Vegas conference a couple of years back. Plus, I am cheap and the business expense sealed the deal! For the record, I LOVE IT!! The first time we stayed at The Paris and the second time we stayed at The Hotel. I can say that I honestly felt quite at home at both the Bellagio and the Wynn, are you surprised? And yes, while I may prefer small and quaint to large and luxurious, where there is luxury there is luxury and I am on board!

*Me on the 64th Floor of the Hotel at Mix (I think it is still there??)

It was this winter, right after we returned home from St. John, that the Westin Resorts (because we LOVE Starwood Resorts!) sent us an offer so sweet  we could just not turn it down. The brochure and website promised amazing luxury  and two bedroom villa at it's new Westin Lagunamar Resort in Cancun, Mexico. I was sceptical, but sweet Scotty and his sister Melinda promised I would like it, and well, because they are smarter than I am, are very rarely wrong.  Besides the Caribbean is the Caribbean, right?

Before leaving my fears were (NOT) comforted by remarks such as "since the break down on the police corruption last December, I hear it is much safer. . . "   and "dont worry there are police with machine guns."  WHAT!!!  Where am I going. . . .more sleepless nights, anxiety and even (gulp) some tears! But we have points (thank God) so you knew I was going right!

We landed at the nicest Caribbean airport I have ever flown through or traveled from. Seriously people, it is as divine as an airport could ever be!  Newark, NJ you could take some lessons from the Mexicans! 10 minutes later our Westin driver snags all of us. . . Melinda, Scott, Sadie, Cooper and me!  We drive down a modern highway, passing luxury brand flagship stores like Cartier, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Ruth Chris and more. . . .5 minutes later we arrive at the Westin Lagunamar. It is spectacular and well, they told me so, lux and  I LOVE it! So we had a fabulous time and I was reminded about how I would have never had the experience if I hadn't  (no not dragged kicking and screaming) opened my mind and let my husband show me his way.

*That's us before dinner at the resort!

*Lounging on the pool!

*Family not at all enjoying themselves!

Next, it's my turn and I will bring him with me on some romantic adventure that is not at all logical and I will remind him why he loves me so much!



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