Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Sadie Chronicles: From Baby Girl to Preteen Dream

Sadie's Room Age 7-10

After a disaster of an attempt to have a day bed made for a then 2 1/2 year old Sadie, I begged and begged Scotty for the custom pink dreamy day bed (above)from a local high end children's store. So when we moved three years ago, the bed was the one thing I didn't even ask to change. 

For the last three years every girls sleepover has evicted Cooper from his full size bed and into our king size. We call it The Presson Shuffle.

Cooper's Room Circa 2014 - Haven't Done a Thing to it since.

So in leu of the fact that Sadie's legs pretty much touch the end of the bed we are giving her room a preteen upgrade. She begged for a surprise reveal, but who am I kidding with the summer packed full of camps and vacations, it's going to take a miracle to pull that off. 

Heres the Plan:

1. Cover the back wall in Schumacher Queen of Spain in Black Wallpaper. 

2. Im saying NO to high end beds that will no doubt be tagged in stickers and sharpies, so insert this great bed from World Market

3. I am loving these Restoration Hardware Teen sheets, keeping her linen Euro Shams and adding a turquoise Mongolian Sheepskin Pillow

3. I'm keeping the rattan hour glass side tables (not on the design board but in above pic) and hardwiring sconces above the headboard for late night study sessions to come.I like these from Schoolhouse Electric but haven't committed 100% just yet.

4. We are keeping the black Moroccan rug I imported just for a little bug, West Elm parson's table, vintage rattan chairs, vintage etched Victorian mirror and Ikea bookcase. 

Stay Tuned For The Final Reveal, Lesson's Learned and Changes to SHC Branding!