Sunday, January 11, 2015

Get MINTed: Curate Gallery Walls with Indy Art

As always, when  does something, they do it with the perfection and creativity that individualists like you and me have come to expect. The company's mission is clear:

"Our purpose in life is to uncover exceptional design from all over the world and bring this to savvy consumers who won't accept anything else."

Made famous by it's stationary (Can you do holiday cards any other way?), the company has expanded it's horizons to include art and home decor. My new favorite? The art prints by indy artists from everywhere. . . 
Award Winning, Charlotte, NC based artist Glenn Carroll


Professional Artist and Moscow, RU based 

If you follow my blog and/or on Pinterest, then you know I have an unhealthy obsession with gallery walls.  Though, in today's world of instant gratification, achieving the highly desirable gallery wall can be both expensive and time consuming. 

Never fear,  has heard our cries and are here to help. Without leaving our laptops and furry slippers, we can now collect original art, in a multitude of sizes and frames, and build the curated gallery of our "pinterest" dreams.

Follow online tips at
 or search my Pinterest boards for helpful tips on where to start. 


Dust off old prints, water colors and oils sitting in your basement's and attics. Don't worry about the old frames, paint them or leave them for character.


Build a color pallet like mine with  mineral art from San Francisco, CA based artist 
Available in sizes from 8" x 8" to 44" x 44" with framed prices starting at $42


Need a large piece or a place to start? Make a statement with Rusty Patina, acrylic on canvas, by Artsy Canvas Girl Designs.  


Get tribal, with an African Gazelle Art Print by Natalie Groves. I like it in 18" x 24" framed in reclaimed wood. 
$207 with the frame, or do it yourself and scoop it up for $87.


Say Something Subtle with a You & Me tiny print by Paper Rose.  
I would do it in a 8" x 8" framed in distressed indigo for $42.

Start your collection or just have fun with 

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