Monday, July 7, 2014

Shop Mila: Curated Pieces From Around The World

Based on their global travels, mother/daughter duo Claudia and Camilla Zapata teamed up to create Shop Mila. Traveling the world, they are working with local artisans from countries including Columbia, Guatemala, Peru, Morocco, South Africa, Mexico, Ghana and Nicaragua. The curated shop includes international jewelry, home and fashion accessories. 

Shop Mila is a local source for the coveted Moroccan Wedding Blankets!

As a shop girl and local blogger, I love following House Account. The iPhone App is the brainchild of Capital & Poole Shop owner Laura Vin Root Poole. After following Shop Mila  on it for several months, I couldn't resist an old school road trip to their local Mathews showroom.

I was originally fascinated by there couture bags from the Colombian Wayuu Tribe. Each bag is hand woven and takes between one and two months to weave. Although slightly pricey, the bags are beyond gorgeous in real life! A total splurge, I ended up taking the turquoise/orange and red geometric one home with me. 

I brought my friend Erin along to control the shopping damage, but since almost all of the pieces are one of a kind. . .we both snatched up what we could. 

Erin fell hard for the hand woven bracelets.

With my big purchase already decided, I was bound by the wallet to exhibit some sort of self control. Though, I wish I had grabbed one of the Shibori Oversized Wraps!

Ever see a baby gift, and wish you had a baby to give it too? These little booties won my heart as well!

Lucky girl, Erin has two little one's at home that can wear this number. One Chiapas hand woven embroidered gauze dress came home with her that day. 

Also on my must list are these awesomely priced African Elephant Straw baskets. At $30, they are a total steal!

Check out Shop Mila on their website at or down load the iPhone App House Account.


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