Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Truth: Summer Time Crazies and Random Thoughts. . .

Things going Through My Head: Yes You Should

 Hold Your Breath! 

1. SUMMER SCARES THE $%&* out of me. Majority parenting will be outnumbered for three months. . .the kids will take no prisoners.

2. Preschool is over. I have not yet started to cry. This is highly unusual. 

3. This is going to go very badly or well. . .not so badly.

4. I will survive.

5. I am going to bury my head in the sand. I will swim with the fishes.

6. We may be so busy,  I may not see any sand or ocean for 13 more months.

7. We are going to live in our new basement apartment for two months. (while we renovate) It will be like camp.

8. I am going to live partially underground for two months. I may die.

9. Our family  will bond in a way not seen anywhere else other than Disney.

10. Our family may never recover, we will be on 60 minutes.

Happy Summer Y'All. . .


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