Friday, November 9, 2012

The Final Piece of the Puzzle: The Counter Top

I set out this afternoon in search of the perfect counter top for our bathroom remodel. As my luck would have it, the second I walked in, I found the perfect slab of marble. There it was, this beautiful slab of Calcutta Gold staring me straight in the eyes and double daring me to look away. The perfect blend of white marble with veins of brown and grey! The floors are a dark brown travertine that (I absolutely love)are begging to be set off by bright white counter tops. 

Leave it to me to fall head over heals for something I can not afford. A slab is around 56 feet and cost around $5,600. A half slab is half of that.... and I only need around 10 feet. When I left the InStyle Showroom covered in dust, my sweet Sales Associate Lorena, promised to search the back for remnants of Calcutta Gold.  That leaves me praying for a remnant I can afford! 

Me + Style ='s EXPENSIVE!

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