Monday, February 6, 2012

DIY: Me + Spray Paint ='s Fun!!

I can not be the only person in the whole world that assumes the term "garden stool" would be an all-weather stool meant for the outside. So naturally,  less than 5 months after I temporarily relocated our indoor side table to the front porch, my beautiful, shiny, turquoise stool turned into this:


And after finally buying our dream couch and blowing the budget on two (ridiculously perfect) lamps, I decided to try to turn my old garden stool into a brand new lavender side table.


Sadie, my design partner and BBG (Best Big Girl)  sanded down the old stool.


And primed the heck out of it. . .


Took up my neighbors part of the driveway. . .


And sprayed the stool Gum Ball Purple. . . My NEW FAVORITE!!!

Well that project rocked my world so I decided to follow-up on a lead and save this old farm table  (bachelor furniture)  from a long trip to the dump. . .


Sadie and I made another trip to Blackhawk Hardware and bought more primer, a spray can of white gloss and two spray cans of matte finish and a spray polyurethane. I also reused my gold craft spray paint from my "Return of Brass and Gold" blog.


We took shelter from the wind in my neighbors driveway. After applying as much primer as we could, we sprayed the legs a matte gold and finished with the matte polyurethane to seal and protect them from. . . me and my vacuum cleaner. . .


We used the entire bottle of white spray paint. I would definitely recommend one more coat. . .  Then finished   up with the spray gloss polyurethane.


While our home is still this old Bachelor table's last stop. . .I think it will do nicely for now!!

Total cost of both projects had to be less than $40-. . . Now just wait until I show you the lamps! Oh, and finish the room, the curtains, the mantle and continue to save sweet Scotty tons more money. . .You believe that one right!



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